This is his realm。
Why is Lin to take a woman away??
Of course, according to the will of Yueqiu torture her.。
As for how to get torture,He is not very good at。
“Old three。The old man is taking you,I will follow you since then.,Every day, you are comfortable and comfortable.。”
After the teacher said, he also kissed the forest.。
The face of the forest is gradually distorted,After ten invisiby, I recovered the original face.。
“you,You are not old three。”
“Bride。You say how I should get you can let Yueqiu lighten。”
“Hahaha!It turned out to be avenous for the kid.。Since you want to torture me,I tell you a way。”
“Irrinding me with a flesh,I want to death, I want to die.。”
She is reminded that the forest is,Don’t you want to die??There is a place to meet her。
The water passed the thoughts of the forest,I will take her to Huli Mountain in Night.,Throw people into the bandits。
Lin Ren is due to the strenuous exercise in one night,Tiredness,Going back to the city temple to sleep。
He just hit with the united head,Can win, completely against the day cheats《Sword》。
In the body and spiritual level,Lin Foud is not its opponent at all。
Fortunately, I can completely crush the old man.,If it is playing again,I am afraid I will suffer.。
the other side,The old man has been in a long time to resolve the pressure brought to him.,Sword step back to Juyi,I saw that I was attentive to him.。
“master。Your old man is still out so late.!”
“You call your master’s brother to steal the soul.,Follow the teacher。”
“Go quickly。”
Soon seven disciples followed the old people to the cliff side。
“master。The brothers of these divisions are all seeing the master brothers to go to the door, and the virgin mother is shocking.。”
The old man asked:
Because I pass in advance,Nodded everyone。
“Since this,Then there is no mock.。”
Everyone feels the murderous murder of the master。
“master。We are all true。”
Tell this,The old murderous has grown sharp,Diffuse in a few people。
Everyone is observed,But you still don’t know what they have done is exposed.。
The master moved to them.,I don’t know why.,Of course no explanation,Mutual eyes exchange,After all, because of the teacher,Be relatives,Immediately,I have to run。
The sword in the hands of the old man,Speed fast,Taking these people’s strength is not too late to avoid,On the item, the head is brushed into the cliff.。
In this point of strength,Want to kill kill,Just now, it is to look at the part of his disciple.。
He stared at the cliff in the abyss,The body also fell to the cliff。