Volume Two Dance of Nirvana
Chapter Ninety Seven River border encounter
Li Tianchou was surprised when he heard this,The person who must kill Uncle Geng is not Biao Qi?So deep hatred,This person should also be famous,I’ve never heard of it in the car dealership?
He suddenly remembered being in the car last night,Uncle Geng once mentioned a person’s name,It seems to be called Tang Shiming,This is a very strange name,Li Tianchou is very sure that this is the first time he has heard of。When my hair is dumbfounded,Uncle Geng has left。
Nothing more,Biao Qi,Don’t worry about Tang Shiming。That is the grudge between others,I have no reason to think so much for others,I’m really full。
But Li Tianchou at least figured out one thing,A total outbreak of grievances between Uncle Geng and his rivals,I caught up by accident。Xie Fushun is undoubtedly the key,And when I came out for Wu Tianbao,It was when this gunpowder barrel exploded,It’s not important to take advantage of it。Even if you don’t save Wu Tianbao that day,,I’m afraid Peng Weihua will also tie Xie Fushun。
Figured out this layer,Li Tianchou suddenly felt discouraged,It seems to be lucky。There was originally Uncle Geng in my heart to find grievances,Now even this has no direction,He was slumped down on the bed again。
“Dangdang”Two symbolic knocks,No answer,Xiao Song has already stepped in with the plate,“Damn,Why are you still sleeping?”
Li Tianchou heard the sound,Sit up on the bed,Embarrassed,“Did not sleep,Thinking about something”Seeing the sumptuous food on the plate,Can’t help but look hard,“I just ate,Still full now。You are……”
“It’s two o’clock in the afternoon,Just eaten?”Xiao Song shouted in dissatisfaction,Put down the plate and turn around,Suddenly happy again,“My uncle agrees that we can go around in a while。Hurry up and eat,Don’t waste time。”
This is good news,Seeing Xiao Song look expectant,I really want to go for a walk,Better than being bored in a daze in the room。So I had to fight hard,Reluctantly。Under the strict supervision of Xiao Song,It’s really supportive。
The two went to see Qi Baozhu first,There is a guy in the room who I don’t know,Sitting on the side dozing off,He should have been sent by Uncle Hai to take care of Qi Baozhu’s daily life。