It took more than five days,The assessment of Donglin village cadres was successfully completed。Although the cadres in more than ten villages are not well educated,But they do their best for the work in the village,Very popular with the villagers,This is enough to explain,These village officials are qualified。
Among the remaining ten or so people,Removed six,There are still five people temporarily retaining their positions。Observe the performance behind,According to the situation。Why is there such a method??The first is a village like this,I really can’t choose someone stronger than these people。The other is that you can’t change the light all at once,This makes some people feel chill。
The assessment of village cadres has achieved good results,The whole Donglin Township has really changed a lot。The lifeless status quo is gone,Who else are idlers,It seems to have evaporated。
this day,Xia Jian put Secretary Wang,Feng Xiaowei, who came back from training、And Liu Zimin,And Meng Jiucheng invited to his office。Several people began to study the next work。
Secretary Wang always believes in Xia Jian,He smiled and said:“Don’t sell it anymore,Let’s arrange it directly!I know I already have a plan in my heart“
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Not polite。He glanced at everyone and said:“Work in Donglin Township,Has achieved a partial victory。The focus of our next work,Just build roads“
“Road repair?Donglin Township is located in the mountains,This road is not easy to repair!“Meng Jiucheng, who has rarely spoken, said with some worry。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Harder,This road must be repaired。Otherwise, if Donglin Township wants to develop, it can only be on paper。No way,People outside can’t get in,Some specialty products in the mountains can’t go out。Even if you are here for sightseeing,Not many people are willing to walk in,Everyone said is it true”
“I don’t know what the purpose of Xia Xiang Chang’s road is,But as far as I know。About ten miles away from Dongwangzhuang, there is a scenic spot。The incense here used to be strong,Endless visitors。But later,Due to disrepair,Plus rugged mountain roads,Road impassability and other reasons,Then there were fewer people going there”Feng Xiaowei stopped here。
Xia Jian frowned,Asked softly:“Is this place called Ziyang Guan??”
“Yes indeed!You know this place too?”Feng Xiaowei asked in surprise。
Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“Not right!Drive and walk from Donglin Township,It takes dozens of miles to say less,I feel that they are outside the boundaries of Donglin Township,How do you say it’s only ten miles away,Are we talking about two places?”
“will not,Drive or take the train,It’s like going around。There is a small road from Dongwangzhuang,Can go directly to Ziyang View,Simply put, this Ziyang View is back to back with Dongwangzhuang”Feng Xiaowei said,A faint smile。
The conversation between Xia Jian and Feng Xiaowei,Confused Secretary Wang and a few of them。They just quietly heard,Just don’t know,These two people talk about building roads,How to talk,I talked about this Taoist temple。
Xia Jian’s frowning brows slowly stretched out,He asked Feng Xiaowei softly:“I don’t know if Dao Master Ziyi is still well?”
“what!Have you been here?Daochang Ziyi’s body is fine,He went to travel a year ago,Whether to return now,I don’t know this for now”Feng Xiaowei was surprised,She never expected,Xia Jian knows such a place。