The board is finally over,Sundar back to his office·Pichai exhaled a long breath。
The final result is pretty good。
His purpose is perfectly achieved。
Although the process is tortuous,But the final result is not bad。
The two key decisions he made were passed on the board of directors with a two-thirds vote.。
What he didn’t expect was,The board of directors did not even comment on the second motion,To googleXThe laboratory’s R&D investment increased by 100% and raised objections。
I thought this investment might be cut。
After all, investment in research and development means a decrease in net profit。
Obviously,The board of directors has felt the pressure brought by Huaxia people,Maybe they also eagerly hope that Google can prove themselves again.?
Does this count as if we are in trouble??
Although I was relieved,But Sundar on the board today·Pichai was also under great pressure。
Now the board’s tolerance for him is based on the judgment of the future without error,And Google must win on the basis of public betting。