After a while。
“You go go first.,Shikamaru”
“Yes”Lu Puno silenced out of the fire office。
“Damn knowledge”The hand’s hand is smashed on the desk.。
They have killed two wooden leaves.,Among them have her disciples,There are also three generations of sons。
Silent, there is a bit worried about the program。
“Mute,I am going out.”Outlet,Just organize the next clothes left the fire office。
Three generations of single-family small buildings。
“Boast,Do you have a teacher?”Outlet is standing in front of the door。
“Braw。。”Door opening。
“Is a master?,come in”Some of the three generations of faces,It seems that Asma’s death still has a heavy blow.。
The apeer looks more than the past three generations.,I am sigh in my heart.,This should be her first to see him for the first time.。
The aperator followed the three generations.。
Tea,Smog,Both people have not speaking。
Even the air has become silent。
“Time,I am still sighing the death of the spring.,I didn’t expect that I also realized the same pain.”Three generations open。
“Spring is dead,What you should understand?,Asma。。。。”I don’t know how to explain it with the three generations.。
“Is it worthy of value?,You are still too harmonious in the village.,There is a dark,This is a realware of a leader.”The three generations of emotions have recovered slightly。
“I still don’t agree with your point of view.,Wood leaves should not be like this”The program raises his head and looks at the three generations of opposite.。
Between two generations of fire,It is not so important as it seems to be as important as Astma.。
“Ugh,The program has experienced so much,You still have no change,You are coming to say that Asma’s thing.,I already know”Three men said。
“Ninja has death,Even Asma is my son”Three generations continue to say。
“Since you already know,Then I will leave”The program is standing。
“There is also a thing,I will deal with it as soon as possible.”Outlet,Take it to leave.。
Closer,The building is restored to quiet。
“Do you know,hehe,I thought I am old?,What kind of consciousness is,Will you make such a thing”Three generations of instant stations,His eye is flashing,As if the flame is fierce combustion。
“It seems that it should be found to find an old friend.,Now I need strength,Wood leaves can not go on this again.”The three generations of eyes are turned to play,Turned to the attic。
Out of the plan, shake his head,Sure enough, she is still not suitable for communicating with him.。
She is slowly walking on the road,Brow,The problem is difficult to handle,She is too little understanding.。
I only know that they catch the beast around.,And access the bounty task,Control the war of small countries。
But their location,It is completely unclear。
And now it is not suitable for launching a large-scale war,All of this makes her feel bored.。
Sudden,Opened eyes behind。