“Palace,Mom loves you.!”
The game picture on the field,After the end of this wave group,IGIt is directrhThe first Xiaolong that refreshed。
Xiaolong’s attribute is the fire dragon,This forIGIt is a good news。
For their lineup,Once everything can improve their combat power,They are all needed to reach as much as possible.。
After this wave,Ate a lossFPX,Have to choose to contract yourself on the scene in the scene in subsequent time。
Whether it is a snatch on the field of view,Or the right to fight。
It may be because it is biting a snake for ten years.,In short,FPXIn the following period of time,Not givenIGAny chance。
but……This is very obvious that the benefits are very bad.,They don’t have to be afraidIGA suddenly expand the advantage again。
But at the same time,Difficulty,Also very obvious。
They will be in many places,Have lost initiative,SlowlyIGGradually eat everything。
For example, after the right to make,The biggest loss on the knife,It is the line of the road。
exist8Minute,LWXOnly fall behind the palace5Knife。
But it’s11minute,LWXKnife,Already behind the palace clear text20Knife。
This is performed in a later timecarryHero,Is an absolutely unacceptable thing。
but……IGIt seems to be a viewFPXThis kind of psychology,whenevertianWant to go down,SelfgankA wave。
He will find,ngEither it is going down,Either it is followed in the battlefield.。
This allowstianwant togankLaid down,But completely without the mouth。
Private andngRelationship is goodtian,After seeing these situations,Heart is directly realized。
ng,I have decided to start the death of the death.。
but……Even if he realized this,But he also can’t make a way to take out the way.。
Don’t say this time,Two sides will be off and the wild three people,Operation is only normal,FPXAbsolutely winning。
Mid-aircraft,dobexist8After the minute war,It is directly to fall.rookieRhythm。
A Ruize without a big move,I want four packs of two becoming team engines。
WantrookieDo this in front of it,That is all about a complete impossible thing.。
but……Even in everyone’s cognition,This is something impossible to do.,dobI have to do it.。
At this timeFPX,It has been caught inIGMade of mud。
If the game is on the game?,They are absolutely can’t be dragged into the later downtime.。
Light speaking the gorge pioneer,This is a hurdle they can’t get around.。
then,Field11Minute30second,dobAfter a wave of return,Directly gave up the return line,Go down。
hisTPA big trick,Also at this point in time,It’s almost simultaneous.。
haveTP,His support is naturally a lot.。
existgankAfter the end,He can be directlyTPGo back to,Be unable to beIGPlaying a time difference,Directly stealing the gorge pioneer。
I want to pass these,He and Xiao Tian’s footsteps slowly entered the same frequency.。
then,Switz and the emperor,Gradually close to the road。
That is, when they are about to reach the road,Sindra’s figure,Slowly appear in the middle。
dobCompletely put down the heart,rookieThis belt is igniting。His pair of line pressure is also directly full,GaindobCan’t find a good opportunity to start。
This game is in the past,dobhaterookieThis lighting。
But at this moment,This ignited him,But it is an incomparable message。