For whether they allow them to convert this block,Chen Linzhi temporarily also took an unique idea,Because the end of the closure is also early,Changes will cause chaos within the company,Need to be rescherible with customers,Workload increases。
Busy,Chen Linzhi came to Coach production plant to find Anasia。
Formal compound,A large number of old products will be eliminated,Even at the end of last year, shopping season discount promotions,There is still a batch of stock goods in the warehouse.。
The teacher was in Christmas last year.,Help customize Chen Linzhi painted,Subsequent new handbags after modifying the designer,Designed multiple styles,Pattern haslvEnvelope package and postman bag、guiWine god package、Chanel’s wandering bag, etc.,Frequently in the later generations,Chen Linzhi, according to the impression, probably。
Because Zhao Bai Lu has no news,Did not finalize newlogoAnd representative pattern,Therefore, the design work of the new handbag is temporarily difficult to carry out,Factory is still using stocks、Hardware,Continue to produce several more hot old products。
Anna Atas is complained when he saw him:“Our progress is slow,After a month, you must start the production of new,Otherwise the factory may shut work,And will delay the sales of the store。Product officer tells me,After determining the new style,Batch production also takes time preparations,Custom raw material、Let workers learn how to make new packages、Re-debug machine,These are very delays。”
Chen Linzhi calm down,Reply to her:
“rest assured,it’s OK,We can support a few months,These new packages are very beautiful,There is a featured appearance,Can remember。
Besides,Who said that a large amount of supply must be good,The amount means it is not important,It is difficult to evoke people’s buying desires,So even in March、There is no problem in making production in April.,Prepare a good release in advance,Ready to spend money,This is the most important……”
NS266chapter stranger
Anna Tasia didn’t think so far,After listening to it, it is good to say.,She has a limited edition of Hermes,I have been waiting for nine months before I get my hand.。
That is the birthday gift of her mother.,Crocodile skin,Diamond buckle,Christmas gift,Waiting for her, it is already the next year’s September.。
Woman needs expectation,Also need exquisite and luxurious。
Chen Linzhi picked up this truth,Anna Tasia is no longer an emergency production of new packages,Turn around:“So……List,Do you think the pricing should arrange??This morning, the Operation Director asked this question.,Honestly, I have no shortprint.,I seem to be a qualified manager.。”
“Confidence,You are not a qualified manager,But you are very smart,Can learn,And I can help you on the side.。”
Touch her head,Chen Linzhi then laughed:
“I can’t do it in a step.,I suggested kicked off the price gap between each package.,The price of the old model is up to 30%,These will be expensive to produce new,Doubled more than the most expensive product now,Then adjust the price per year.,Or 15%,This will make the previous consumers feel that their bag is appreciated.。
If the customer defaults this rule,The value of this brand will be greatly improved after several years.,The style does not need to change too much,New a little one year,Next, the newly opened goods are going to have more flowers on the decoration.,It is best to let each product can be irradiated with independent lights.,Not as free like a grocery shop,This requires a special talent to help。”
Anna Tasia light eyebrows,Alert:“So much?”
“No less up,This must cooperate with publicity,I want to make money to invest first.,You can hurry to find someone to rent a store.,remember,As long as the best position。”
Chen Linzhi during speaking,Several leather bags in new design。
He can see that the designer tries to use color.,But honestly say Co-Chi“classic”A bit ugly pattern,The trademark also does not like Hermes Chanel.,In his opinion, these samples are outside the shape.,Also do not meet the standard。
Truly discounted,Anna Atas is only two shareholders in Coachi,Chen Linzhi is a major shareholder who is 60%.,He invested more than 20 million dollars in order to win this company.,This is not a small number,Of course, I hope that the company will operate.,Contribute more profits。
Remember,Chen Linzhi said to Anna Tasia:“My friend tells me before Christmas,Experts hired from the British House,Holidays will go to Sicily vacation,Will help design new models during the period,Calculating time should have been almost,I will contact her later.。”
Refers to Zhao Bai Lu,The girl is still thinking of university,Winter holiday is relatively long,Like last summer vacation last year,It is also a part-time work of Chen Linzhi.。
Half a month ago,Chen Linzhi sought the opinion of Zhao Baiwei mother,That is, the woman with his joint venture,After the consent, Zhao Bai Du will go to London.,Specialized in finding a classic and connotation pattern and trademark。
Conversion holiday,If a part-time British crimp expert is more reliable,There should be a result.。
The new year begins,Anna Tasia is more。
Chen Linzhi still coughing,Thinking again, there is no medical examination for half a year,Sorry after reading the Coachi factory,Take a car to the hospital to arrange the medical examination。