When he was red, he listened to a clear。
For the red, he is also half-skeptical.,He also didn’t expect to disappear, the boss of this store.。
Because it is the old boss of the boss in the south side before,Later, the boss was killed away.,Wanhong also disappeared,Just he doesn’t understand why each other will suddenly appear.,And the site there in the county is Zhao Yong’s site,Or is his previous site。
Li Hui goes out this time,He feels that it is to send vegetables to the other side.。
“Old Jia,You said with the boss,There may be situation in the county center,That Di Hall is Zhao Yong detention,The name is Zhao Yong’s,In fact, it should be Jiangjia people.,Let the boss care,Don’t go。”
Jiajiang heard this,It is also knocking directly to the glass.,After the car stops,Jia Jiang also directly said Jin Xijie’s words.。
Li Hui Feng frowned and glanced over。
“Beauty,We have not reported to each other.,I just listen directly to your towards the county center.,Indeed some Menglo,And you are sure that the tiger is there.?”
“I am very sure,Because they don’t have any people who don’t see people tonight.,And the young master of Jiang Jia is also,As long as you go, I will definitely find him.,But if you have no courage.,As for my name is very simple,Wanhong,You can call me red sister,Can also call me 10,000。”
Speech,Wanthong is also charming, licking red lips,Then point a ladies cigarette,I took it up.。
Li Hui Feng looked at the charming and slowness of the opponent’s eyes and slowly became an unhappy and hate.,He decided to believe the other party。
“Let it go,Go to the county center。”
Li Hui said this.,There is also a little happy in the heart of the red heart.。
After all, I won a trust in her eyes. Although it is easy.,But this kind of life and death, it is really difficult to trust a person.。
Li Hui Feng did not think too much.,He just felt that the other party went with himself.,So even if the other party betrayed,Or dig a trap,So as long as the other party is not stupid,Will not follow yourself。
“The previous one is,It should be very lively tonight.,He should be on the third floor tonight.。”
Say,Wanhong directly removes two masks from the bag。
Seeing Wanhong in operation,Li Hui Feng Some。
He today is a few people in Jin Xijie.,But Wanhong this model,It doesn’t seem to have to let him do it directly.。
“What does it mean?”
“Don’t worry,You let them find a place waiting for us.,You can add him with me.,They should start twelve points,Now just。”
Wanhong this inexplicable words,Let Li have a bit wonderful。
“We are coming to the field,Not taking and mask to participate in the event。”
Li Hui Feng also knows some big cities,Such as the devil,Emperor’s rich people often play some tricks with masks,But this remote small county,He really didn’t think of it also has a mask gameplay.。
“hehe,You feel that you can be so hard.?
And this county center,It is not far from next to the party committee.,Next to the party committee is the Public Security Bureau,You are not afraid that there is a lot of trouble.?
You want to pack him,Or I will catch him up.,As long as he is gone,Then, the following things will be given to me.,I believe in the market in the south, I still have the ability to control it.。”
Wanhong said that this is directly to bring a fox of a fox.,The mask is just blocked the red eyes with forehead.,The pointed chin is still revealed out of the hot red lips.。
Tight is part of this facial part,Convenience to make many people just look at it, I can feel that the other party is a big beauty.。
Even,Wanhong’s body is also a very beautiful。
Li Huihe heard the analysis of the red,Feeling is also a bit。
Originally, he wanted to be insufficient, and there was a nest ended Wang Laohu.,But now I listen to the insights, but I also put it on another half of my face.。
Take a car,Wanhong is directly skilled to pull the arm of the arm,Although Li has a very casual,But the unique temperament is that people feel different from。
Looking at the red and holding Li with the wind,Back view of the water snake waist,Ji Jiangcai is sitting in the car and also showing envious eyes.。
Jin Xijie sees,It is also caught in meditation.。
Why didn’t he think that Wanhong is still alive?,The most important thing is why the other party will determine that Li Hui Feng can help her.,He always feels that there is a trap in this。