inside,There are nine golden needles!
And there is an envelope。
Fang Yu opened it,It was written by my father。
original,The Fang family has always had golden needles……
Just passed down to their generation,Few people can use gold needles。
So it has been sealed up as an heirloom。
now,Fang Yu has a chance to save people。
Golden needle,Is the best way to save people!
“This set of gold pins……Expensive!”
Hu Yongchang also found the gold needles in the brocade box。
These golden pins,not simple!
“These ones,It’s not money can be measured……This represents a kind of heritage!”Fang Yu slowly said。
“This is!”
Hu Yongchang is very clear,Golden needle。
Not easy to take out!
This is a good thing to save people!
After the car stopped at the hospital,Jiang Yiyun stopped Fang Yu,“Although I’m not sure if you can save my daughter……But this check,You must accept!”