There is no barrier to expression,The main emotion is still excitement。
Ok,This is normal。
No matter from which way,The press conference on the second day will be the highlight of these children’s lives.。
Wang Yufei simply shared with you some of his experience when hosting the press conference,Left the company。
This is a press conference focused on propagating Brain Machine Society,He is not going to be on stage tomorrow。
After Han Jingchang learned that the mysterious mentor would not show up, and he still didn’t want to be named,He refused to be on stage。
So tomorrow’s release will be all operated by project team members。
There must be pressure。
“All right,Don’t worry too much,This time it’s to accumulate experience。I believe this will never be the last time you will be on stage to introduce products to you。Come on!correct,Rest early today,Don’t drop the chain。”Wang Yufei gave a last word。
Ten o’clock the next morning。
The auditorium of Huaqing University that can accommodate more than one thousand people,Already packed。