“Enemy attack,Enemy attack,”A sirens kept ringing,Then a group of people came over here without stopping。
“Bang bang bang,”At this moment,There was even greater movement over the material warehouse。
Qin Hao knows,This is Flying Wolf, they have already caught fire。
“Hands on,We try to attract their firepower,Relieve the pressure on the material warehouse。”
“System tested,A large number of people came towards the airport,No heavy weapons,Exit route is now planned。”
Subsequently,Several lines appeared in Qin Hao’s mind。
“Hold on for fifteen minutes,”Qin Hao said to Huang Xiaoding。
Hold on for fifteen minutes,And then leave for five minutes to retreat。
But people are not as good as heaven,Obviously, the material warehouse is in trouble。
I haven’t seen any movement of the material warehouse being destroyed.。
Besides,The gunfire at the material warehouse is getting denser,The enemy dare not use heavy artillery,Because it blows up the material warehouse。
Although heavy artillery cannot be used,But they use people to pile,Group after group of people are coming here。