“In this case,It’s better to do both”That’s it for Xia Jian,Then stopped。
Ma Chuntao thought about it:“Right!Maybe something is done before I know it,It’s not what I thought”
“Hey!It’s right to think about it this way。You can experiment with small batches。If the effect is good,Increase the batch,Just in case,There is still no problem with going back。But you did it all like this,In case business fails,That would be a big trouble”
“Business is very difficult,Just want to destroy,Just a thought”Xia Jian finished,Put down the teacup and turn around and leave。
Ma Chuntao took a pot of flowers and chased it out:“I personally gave you this,You put it in the car and take it away!”
Xia Jian hesitated,But still took the flower from Ma Chuntao,Hold it in the car。When the car starts,Xia Jian saw Ma Chuntao stupidly standing in the mirror,I don’t know what she is thinking。
Xia Jian returned to the city,Walking into the office with a flower,She was snatched away by Guan Tingna who came over。She also smiled and said:“Thank you Mr. Xia!how do you know,My favorite flower?”
“Because you look like a flower,So you like flowers best”Xia Jian was joking,Stepped into his office。There was a burst of laughter behind him。
After he gently closed the office door,I quickly called Hu Huiru。One call,Just listen to Hu Huiru sternly:“What kind of person!Actually ran away。how?I will eat you but you won’t”
“I’m not Tang Seng meat,You won’t eat it。Hey!how about it,Does it hurt??”Xia Jian be careful,Asked softly。
Hu Huiru smiled,Lowered his voice and said:“It doesn’t hurt much,But you can come and apply it to me,Will definitely heal”
“Damn!You can do it!Don’t torture me anymore,You can do it yourself。I want to talk to you about business”Xia Jian said,Turn the topic。His intention is too obvious!
as expected,Hu Huiru on the phone also changed her tone,She said coldly:“This girl was framed and injured,During the rest period,Don’t talk about anything related to work”
“cut!Don’t talk, don’t talk。This is what you said,Then I will find someone to cooperate”Xia Jian said with a deliberate smile on the phone。