Anyway, supported by his soul mutation and endless power of faith,The most difficult thing for him is the integration of laws and thorough integration,The deduction process is only a matter of time。
The two thousand and fifteenth year,Wright will finally fully understand the basic elements of the law of fusion,Since then,The earth, water and fire elements are transformed at will in Wright’s hands。
First drop,Wright can make it a dust。
A fire,Wright can turn it into a mist。
After understanding the basic elements of the law of fusion,Wright’s fusion of different elements is faster and more comfortable。
Lay the foundation,To go further。
For the law of fusion of earth, water and fire,This basic element is the foundation。
Just before enlightenment,Wright practiced for five thousand years,The highest achievement is nothing but the law of fusion, which is equivalent to the fusion of five laws, the mystery of matter and the law of fusion, the mystery of life.。
And in the fifth year after understanding the mystery of the basic elements,Wright attacked the magical mystery of the souls in the three-line rule(Mysterious)、Soul attack mysterious(Nexuan)Fusion with the pulsation of the earth,Formed the law of fusion soul mystery。
The soul attack method created by this mystery is three times stronger than the golden lotus in the fire created by the law of fusion of life mystery.。But Wright is not satisfied,After all, horizontal contrast,The effect of this fusion rule on soul attack on soul attack is only slightly stronger than one step, and the fire rule soul attack trick of Dzogchen。
If the fire system is also great,The soul attack is undoubtedly stronger than this attack method。
And in the 2741th year,Wright always incorporates part of the law and mystery,Created a trick,The depth of a law is similar to Dzogchen,But more‘extreme’,The unique trick created absolutely surpasses the normal Dzogchen realm trick。
2952nd year,Earth, water and fire are shaking,A message passed into Wright’s body。