Hu Huiru sighed and said:“Business competition is getting fiercer,If you stick to Chen Mo,Wait for death。Like Xia Jian missing this time,It’s not accidental。He is so amazing,Like these agricultural projects invested by their venture group,Many years later will be shocking”
“If Xia Jianzhen is controlled by someone,,Will these projects invested by the venture group be affected??”Wang Youcai asked quietly。
Hu Huiru shook her head and said:“Have!But not big。Xia Jian is so good,Then his men will definitely not be weak,So these projects have been finalized,Will definitely go on well。But can you develop new projects,It’s hard to tell”
“So based on Hu’s analysis,They took Xia Jian away,What do you want?For money,Still don’t want Xia Jian to appear in your business district?”Wang Youcai asked the question he was puzzled by。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“If it is for money,The other party has been moving,Their purpose is not Xia Jian,But want to destroy the entire startup group,Get rid of the true opponents in their eyes”
“what!So it’s like this!Then Xia Jian’s life is over”Wang Youcai shook his head,Sighed and said。Although Xia Jian has been fighting with him,But when Hu Huiru said this,He suddenly felt a sense of loss。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai who was in a daze,Turn the topic around:“What i just said,You have to start in advance,We must get this land。This is a bank card,You take it first,Take it from above if you need money”Hu Huiru said,Take out a bank card from his pocket and push it in front of Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai hesitated,I still put this bank card into my bag。He finally figured out a truth recently,Rich is king。Either right,But it’s impossible for him to be entitled in his life,But he can make more money with his second brother Wang Youdao’s right。
When he wants to understand this truth,He feels more at ease。He felt that all the benefits Hu Huiru gave him,He deserves the Tao。So when Hu Huiru gave him this bank card,Although he hesitated,But still took。
Take once is take,Take twice is also called take,He just took it to the end,Anyway, when one day is rich, it counts as one day!Wang Youcai’s mentality is like this。
He came out of the teahouse,When blocking a car on the side of the road。Suddenly Lu Monkey took two of them and walked towards him from across the road,As soon as I saw this guy,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but feel angry。
“Yo!President Wang!What a coincidence,It’s hard not to see you!“Monkey Lu came over haha。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Okay go away,I am in a good mood tonight,Don’t make me unhappy“
“See what Mr. Wang said,How could i upset you?Dongcheng Water Furong just opened,I heard that it’s exciting,President Wang, do you want to try it??“When Lu Monkey said this,,With on face*Smile。
Wang Youcai listened,Secretly moved,He is most concerned about this,But he pretended not to be interested on the surface and said:“You fucking want to cheat Lao Tzu and turn around and run“