Just when Xia Jian was stunned,With the sound of footsteps,Suddenly a figure flashed at the door,Three men came。The leader is of medium build,Just over thirty,He shaved a big bald head,There seem to be scars on the face。This man has a fierce face,I knew it was a bad master。
The two following him,Also bald,Wearing a bit weird,The first feeling I give you is not a good person。
“Hudlin!What are you doing?”
Nalanyu’s face changed,Step over,Blocked the door。
This guy named Hu Delin,Big mouth,The two fascinated eyes scanned Nalanyu’s body first,Then he said with a smile:“Nalanyu,Don’t forget,You are my fiancee of Hu Delin。I will ask you as soon as I come out,I heard you are not married yet,I know you are waiting for me,You said i can’t come to you?”
“Bastard stuff!Dare you talk nonsense,Be careful i break your leg”
Nalande can’t sit still,He yelled,He rushed towards Hu Delin。
Hu Delin smiled and said:“Uncle Nalan!You are still so impulsive。I remind you,You should be in your sixties this year!So you should be honest,Otherwise I will do it,You have to go to your organization”
“Hudlin!You get out,Otherwise I will call the police immediately”
Nalanyu was trembling with anger,Even his face turned pale。But this Hu Delin doesn’t care about this at all,Then I walked into the living room。
Nalande took a step forward,I didn’t expect this Hu Delin to exert his strength,Pushed over。Nalande hasn’t stood firm,Pushed back straight。Xia Jian sees it,Step forward,He supported Nalandeping’s body,So he didn’t fall。
Xia Jian was angry at this time,He wanted to put up with the nosy,But look at this Hu Delin is really bullying,He is really intolerable。
“Yo!Is this your lover?!It’s ok。These i’m in,Really hurt you。Now i’m coming,Let him go,I don’t dislike you”
Hu Delin grinned,There was a terrible fierce light in the eyes,He stepped forward towards Xia Jian。
Nalanyu is very angry,She reached out to pull Hudlin,Unexpectedly, Hu Delin flicked his arm,Nalanyu was almost thrown off。Xia Jian furious,He jerked forward,Hold Nalanyu’s hand tightly in her arms。