Secretary Wang’s reminder really surprised Xia Jian。This is indeed the truth。The people he rescued are naturally happy,And the people who can’t be helped?Will definitely say his is not。There is a saying that doesn’t mean that teaching people to fish is worse than teaching them to fish.,Instead of lending them money,It’s better to teach them how to make money。
Xia Jianyi thought about this issue,Fell into contemplation again。From the perspective of Pingyang Town,Already two-thirds of the village has begun to embark on the road to wealth。But there are still one-third of the village,Still live the life of relying on the sky。
“Mayor Xia!Forgot to tell you something,Which old man’s land in Guojiaping Village was returned,Guo Shuicheng also lost some money symbolically。Which old man came to thank you in person,Unfortunately you went to the provincial capital“Tong Jie laughed and walked in。
Secretary Wang,I couldn’t help giving Xia Jian a thumbs up。Xia Jian thought for a while and asked Secretary Wang:“Isn’t Secretary Lu looking into Guo Shuicheng’s affairs??What’s the situation now?“
When Xia Jian asked this question,The clever Tong Jie quickly closed the office door。Secretary Wang pricked his ears and listened for a while,I said after making sure there was no one in the aisle:“Stop this matter,You are not allowed to ask about this in the future“
“What do you mean,It won’t be the radish,Also brought out a big fish?“How smart is Xia Jian,He can hear it。
Secretary Wang looks very mysterious,Xia Jian didn’t ask too much。Like someone else said,He just entered officialdom,There are many famous halls in it,Better not to ask,Otherwise how did he plant,He may not know。
Because I drank some wine during lunch,Xia Jian felt sleepy after being in class for a while。So he found an excuse and went back to the dormitory,Just lying in bed,The phone rang。
Xia Jian has a look,This call turned out to be an international long distance,Xia Jian hesitated and connected,Wang Lin’s nice voice came over the phone:“Xia Jian!How are you?Why have you connected recentlyQQ No more?“
“Sorry Wang Lin,Recently in the busy village,So no chanceQQ。How are you doing?When are you going to return home?“Xia Jian asked excitedly。
First1417chapter Incomprehensible marriage
A call across the ocean,Xia Jian was really excited。
Think about how good his relationship with Wang Lin was,Xia Jian even listed her as a marriage partner。But when Wang Lin went to America,,Their relationship slowly alienated。
at this time,It should be midnight in the U.S.,Can hear it,Wang Lin really misses Xia Jian。Two people chat,It’s endless。Wang Lin told Xia Jian about her joys, anger, sorrow and joy on the phone,Xia Jian is listening here。So that both of them have forgotten the concept that there is still time in the world。
Until Xia Jian’s phone suddenly disconnected,Xia Jian just remembered,International long distance is a two-way charge,There should be no charges in his mobile phone.。
I wanted to lie down and rest for a while,But a phone call from Wang Lin made Xia Jian sleepless。He glanced at his watch,Found it’s time to get off work in the afternoon。He thought for a moment,So I jumped on the big dash parked in the courtyard and returned to Xiping。
Autumn weather,It’s a little bit darker。At six o’clock,The sun has hung diagonally above the west hill,The people who rushed to live in the field began to prepare to go home。