Cup after cup,Xia Jian is like a big buffalo,When all the water brought in is drunk,He vomited till the end,All the spit out is water。No more black and smell。
“All right!Let him sleep for a while,keep warm。I go out for a while,remember,Don’t leave this yard,You are smart,I don’t need to say you should understand“Boss Lin finished,Quickly put a small bag on his back and left。
Xia Jian on the bed slept peacefully,I feel he is exhausted。Han Juan sitting on the edge of the bed,Messed up,What happened in these two days left her clueless。
At this moment,Her cell phone rang,She saw Xi Zhen was calling,Hurriedly connected。
“Where are you?I’m going back to town”Xi Zhen asked anxiously on the phone。
Han Juan glanced at her watch,I found it was almost two o’clock,She asked hurriedly:“Has the tail flung off??”
“Long gone,I didn’t find suspicious on my way back。What is Mr. Xia now??”Xi Zhen asked again on the phone。
Han Juan said in a low voice:“President Xia was drugged by Mei Tong,Unable to move。I have rescued him,Now Boss Lin has detoxified him,He is sleeping,Shouldn’t be a big problem”
“what?Why did you go to Boss Lin again??Are you out of the wolf’s mouth and into the tiger’s mouth again?!”Xi Zhen yelled on the phone,I can hear her really anxious。
Han Juan lowered her voice and said:“I can’t tell this on the phone,I mean you don’t want to enter town for now,Find a hidden place to hide,But be sure to keep the phone open with me,Let’s watch while walking“
“it is good!If Mr. Xia is convenient,,Just call me,Let’s go back overnight“Xi Zhen hung up after speaking。
At this moment,Xia Jian lying on the bed suddenly moved,Then he opened his eyes。Han Juan has a look,Can’t help but be overjoyed,She asked hurriedly:“President Xia!how do you feel,Are you strong??“