This time he has to break through the limit.。
Spring is shocked,Is this not trusting to bring soil??
Before the long door is basically limited by the cause of the body.,The news is completely affected and belled。
Now the long gate is obviously the idea。
Good thing,I still think about it.,I didn’t expect the long gate to start.。
“knew”Spring said。
Payne is very satisfied,Spring is still trustworthy,This matter is handed over to him.。
Then Payne said to the spring.,Probably position,Disappear。
Spring’s ability,It is very simple to find a man.,He is not worried at all,Not anyone can find out the surveillance of the spring。
Now that he can trust in the organization, there is only Xiao Nan and Spring.,And that person means to let Sasuke join in。
Yischo family??Let me see what you are planning.!
“Be careful”Xiaonan said to the image of the spring。
“knew,Xiao Nan Sister”Spring smiles。
“interesting,I didn’t want to participate.,It seems that you must still go.”Spring image disappears。
After receiving the information from the body,I flew directly to the sky.。
Springs have stopped cultivating this side.,Foot airflow outbreak,Incoming cloud,Speed fast disappears in the sky。
He has become more flexible about the master of wind properties.。
Chapter 45 Cooperation
“Long gate,Don’t you give me an explanation?”Take the soil of the mask to look at Pethen in front of you。
He came to the base of rain through his ability.,Just ask questions。
“What do you want to explain?”Pethen said faintly。
“Why choose silence,Our plan has just begun”Writing wheel in the belt is revealed,Eye spotted four shots。
“This is about to ask you.,The organized person has lost so much,And Didala is also dead,The rest of the beast is not easy to get”Payne said there is no expression.。
Silence,The rest of the beast is in protection,Not so easy to catch it.。
And because of the matter,People who can use it basically,It is indeed not suitable for the end of the beast。
“This matter is course,But you have to remember,I am a real leader.,I don’t want this kind of thing.”Tongli said with soil。
Payne did not speak,Just look quietly with soil。
“This is for our common ideals,You will get it.,That spring”Asked the land asked。
“how,You want to see him”Long door heart tight,But there is still no expression on Penne face.。
“I want to know why you trust a person who is unknown.”
It is not too vigilant for spring soil.,His ability is special,But there is not much harmfulness,He wants to limit the long door。
Recently, what he did, he has made him feel that the long door is somewhat controlled.。
“His ability is very easy to use,The identity has also been probably found.,no problem”Payn said。
“Oh,Yes,I want to see him.,After all, it can use the intensity tobach.,Also have white eyes,Really very curious”Tailored。
He refers to the reincarnation of the spring。
“not only that,He also has a large-scale exploration of far super-white eyes,And a lot of pure Chakra,It is a rare assistant talent,The only disadvantage is that the attack is not strong.,That kinds are restricted”
The long gates in order to dispel the vigilance,Directly exposed spring capabilities。