Chen Linzhi and Sam·Walton talked,Seeking a pond to fish in the afternoon。
Waiting for them to return to the super big mansion of Anna Atas,Breakfast is already done,Every time I see the father of Anna Atas,Chen Linzhi always can’t help but feel awkward,There is an uncomfortable feeling of a bunch of hand。
Family Charity Trust Foundation of her parents,I have just completed a new round of position adjustment recently.,It is in accordance with Chen Linzhi’s recommendation,A large number of purchased Coca-Cola、McDonald’s、KFC and other stocks,As for Microsoft、Intel、Oracle,Due to the idea,Anna Atasian father is not too optimistic,So there is a selectively intentional ignore。
Found a worth“b”Squad of son-in-law,As early as far exceeds the expected value of her parents,nothing to say,Getting along with a pleasant……
NS343chapter Christmas
Ben Donville Town is too small,Take more than 20,000 people,If it is not Wal-Mart choosing to put the headquarters here,Local population may be less。
And other ordinary small towns in the United States,The difference is only Wal-Mart,This company has driven local employment and economic development.,So compare more than other small towns nearby,Per capita income level is relatively high。
Recently, the servants in Anna Tasia will find,Another young asian often in the yard,One person is a cuddling walk,Also or stand where to get smoke。
If it is not that they have already heard that Chen Linzhi is a new super rich,Nowadays far more money than employers’ home,They may think he is a two fool,Otherwise, how often it is in a state。
Because there is money,This kind of means of often appearing after girlfriend,Falling in the eyes of the Natasian home,Inexplicable seems to be highly desirable,No one will come to bother Chen Linzhi。
And Nadasia,Of course, know why Chen Linzhi will,So I often take him to the nearby attractions.,Or pull him go out horse riding,Look at the rich land in your own farm。
This time Anna Tasia is at home12moon3No,Until the two left from Bentunville,Sitting in the private helicopter of her Laozi,Chen Linzhi is full of blood and resurrection。
Two people went to New York,Located in the luxury house next to the Central Park,Her friend moved out with her boyfriend,Chen Linzhi and Anna Atas enjoy two people。
Busy thing,The past time is almost handled properly,Invest in more than 800 million dollars,There is only more than $ 400 million in the company’s account.。
Chen Linzhi is not busy in the short term,Some things can be solved by phone.,So choose to stay in Manhattan to enjoy life,Occasionally taking the time to Coach company to help An Natasia。
He managed the joint public fund product quietly launched,Mainly passing the bank、Broker、Investigate、Insurance company and other institutions,Chen Linzhi does not need to personally throw a head,Recommend our own products across the United States。
He just found a professional advertising company,Go to the studio recorded an advertisement,Next, it will be promoted on multiple mainstream TV stations.,It is expected that there will be left and right for publicity activities.。
Public fund funds have not been colored temporarily,I can’t see what the effect can be achieved.。
However, private equity funds continue to,With bright eye performance,Optical11The month is raised to the total amount of more than $ 5 billion.,Customers cover the white robes of the Middle East、本 家电 制 制 头、There are also some well-known trust management companies in the United States.。
The number of enterprise-class customers is less,But contributing to the amount of funds far exceeds personal customers。
Distance Chen Linzhi carefully and truined the joint private fundament, but the time of the past year and a half,It has been tsted in the fund market,Recently in his omission,Also intended to annex a few large scale,Peers that are affected by the previous financial crisis,Try diversified development,Meet the needs of different customers。
Hedge Fund、Stock fund、Bond fund、Monetary fund、Hybrid fund, etc.,Have a corresponding customer group,It’s time to start doing a big stronger.,Otherwise, Chen Linzhi’s personal fund size,Contrast a huge financial market for hundreds of trillions worldwide,Founded is only a chamber of the sea。
Since there is a chance to take more money investment profit,Naturally, you should try to strive
Under a comfortable and comfortable life,Hurrying again to the end of the year。
Thanksgiving after the past,The Christmas atmosphere in the streets is growing,Coach on the fifth Avenue、Dior Store,And other luxury brands have discounted promotions,High-end products discounts are small,Wandering product discounts。
So the girls are like crazy,Rowed a long team pickup bag,This causes the turnover of Coach to grow for a time.。
French Dior Headquarters,The French called Arnot,Already started to fall in troublelvhGroup。
lvhThe Group’s share price fell 40% since more than a month,The total market value is almost 320 million US dollars,According to Chen Linzhi and the company’s feedback results when Arnot communication,As long as Dior islvhGroup’s shareholding ratio exceeds30,Have the opportunity to achieve control of this company。
ManylvhGroup shareholders,Choose in this sluggish market environment,Sold a stock share in the hand to Dior,After all, compared to the listing of the listing,They still make a lot of money。
Faced with Dior’s money offensive,The major shareholders have a falling fall,I also shoot many times in the secondary market.,Holding shares,Due to the difficulty of getting rid of the financial crisis in the short term,The stock price does not rise,Volatility is limited。
Besides,Chen Linzhi is also identity with Goldman Sachs Group,Provided a certain help for this Dior malicious acquisition plan。