“Just try to drink together today。”Yeah chaotic smile,His figure turned to the fire cloud burning and other people。
“Seniors,Please。”Yeah’s laugh,He took out a pack of smoke and took it directly to handed it to the fire cloud burning.。
“Alliance,You’re welcome。”The masters of the old generation of fire clouds and other olders have passed the way.。
“Don’t call my alliance,This is too seen.,Calling my chaos or sages.。”Yeah chaotic big hand wave。
“it is good!”Fire cloud burns and other people nodded。
“Several little brothers,Thanks for your hard work。”Yeah chaos goes to the big flight,Dongxing,Honghai and other six people laugh:“very good。”
Yeah chaotic original turbid scorpion looked at six movies,Heart is slightly moving,Because these six people are in the same breath as the breath of Lin proud,But even if it is restrained, he can’t hit his eyes.。
No sword body!
“Chaos big brother,We are not hard,I am happy today.。”Walking in front of Dongxing laughing。
“I have seen chaotic big brother。”Big fly,Hong Hai and others have laughed。
“Home brother,You are Welcome。”Yeah’s smile,His figure gave a hand on one by one,Smoke。
“Hitra,Jeutan,You have a few good friends in Timton.,I am here and the brother is here.。”
Hitra,Toron,Jehodi and others heard a respectable,I immediately put the fire cloud burning fairy,Big fly,Dongxing and others move toward the direction of the dark city,I can’t disappear.,There is only Lin Feng and Yeah’s chaotic.。
“Lin brother,Good means,I am not as good as you。”Yeah chaos suddenly turned to the body of Lin Feng laugh:“The brothers in your 麾 is a master like a cloud.。”
“Jade,I am just lucky.。”Lin Feng smiled and came over。
“Come,Let’s wait here.,Drink a few more cups first。”Yeah’s laugh,Flight directly from his martial art,A few chairs,Ten altars,There are still a few simple tabs。
Wine and small dish flying on the table。
Lin Feng is also welcome,Sitting directly on a chair,Yeah people to give Lin Feng Road:“Lin brother,Drink a cup first,When the emoticon,I didn’t break up。”
“Ha ha,This mix is not given to you.?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“no,I am very satisfied。”Yeah chaotic heard the quiet road:“Please!”
Two people drink。
“I listen to Jie Ya.,When he started, he was afraid to match the cleansea.,So work hard to repair,Not only cast, but it has become an unpaged body.,I still want to create a new sword,I appreciate this.,admire,This kid is good,Very special,The sense of responsibility is also strong。”Yeah’s laugh:“Honest,I am very satisfied,Jie Ya can marry him,I am also assured.。”
“Satisfied,do not worry,Jiehua Ya married to us Lin Jia,I will treat her as my own sister.。”Lin Feng looked at the Yehru:“Will not let her be awarded。”
“Lin brother,Your people are assured,In fact, I don’t think it is not repaired.,background,But I hope that Jie Sheng can have a warm home.,This is only。”Honest:“So this door,I am very satisfied!”
“Jade,Thank you for trusting me,Trust in our Lin family。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Come,I respect you a cup。”
Yeah chaos 言 微 微,Two people drink。
“From a certain aspect,We are looking like,Although I am born in the dark city,But because of some home reasons,Our situation is probably not as good as an ordinary person.。”Yearang sigh:“I don’t know how to come out and Jie Shengya.。”
“Our Chinese has a sentence,Daytime,First bitter,Lucky bones,Hungry,Empty。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“good,Mencius said this sentence,Whenever my mood is weak,I will read these sentences.。”Yeah’s laugh。
“Jade,Really admire。”Lin Feng heard a big thumb:“Continue to drink。”
“drink!”Yeah, pick up a wine glass,The two do once again。
“Lin brother,When is we ready to do?I didn’t have a hand for more than ten years.。”Yeah chaos put down the wine glasses laugh。
“Ha ha,Anytime,Jedan,I don’t recommend the battle of life and death.。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“Point until,how?”
“Right on my mind。”Yeah chaotic smile:“Point until,The winner is the king,Leave this big place,This big land is unified。”
“Two good suggestions。”
At this time, the distant east came from a Hongda voice.,A monk wearing ordinary Buddha clothes came over,This person is not someone else,It is Brahma。