If you actively put forward your investment,Character of her parents,Pakistan does not hit the horse。
As early as the university, her father didn’t stop once asked her to have an idea of doing business.,When Anna Tasia was in the future,There is no shortage at all。
Listening to Chen Linzhi to try to invest,Anna Atas is very heart。
Living in a home environment in a rich atmosphere,I often listen to the Walton family’s cousin to talk about business.,This girl will feel inferior because of his own trouble.。
Especially in Thanksgiving、Christmas family party,Asking how the situation is,She didn’t take the achievements.。
If you are worshiped by countless, you will know that she will feel inferior.,It is estimated that you can’t ignore the bed and cry.。
Anna Atas asked:“You refer to buying stocks?How should I buy?,Go to the exchange to open an account?If you encounter a good company,I certainly want to try to wealth.,Your suggestion is definitely not wrong,More than I have more。”
Dark self-emotional stupid girl,This is very easy to be cheated。
However, Chen Linzhi did not feel badly,He went back to help with the humiliation that Yan Luiqi as desirable.,See Anastia to yourself,This makes him unusually pleased,Finally, no pearl。
“Don’t worry,It is best to say to your father.,Then let him find someone to help you open an account,Find a home branch broker,You just need to tell him what stocks,He will not support you?”
“should be no problem,He also invests stocks,ib、Coca Cola、GM,Last time he discussed with lawyers,I heard it next to it.。”
Chen Linzhi is not optimisticibAnd General Motors,However, Coca-Cola is a support stock。
I have not had a capital to stock.,Chen Linzhi is not aware of this line.,Decided to prepare first,Give her again,Since some companies have not yet been listed、Or even companies have not yet founded,Olone’s face。
Ink this topic,Deliberate discussion, take a time to travel together。
Discuss,The days of the night, the days of songs are almost chic,Can seriously talk about the consideration of love during love、Comfortable、And someone can rely on taste,It’s not a lot of trouble.,Simply solve physiological impulses,I will always be tasteful afterwards.。
Chen Linzhi enjoys the town of Bentunville,Happy time with Anna Atas,Saturday、You can walk on Sunday.,But he has been dragging to Monday morning.,I am reluctantly driving on the road.,Take the ticket to return to San Francisco。
I didn’t have less than the newspaper and finance version of the newspaper on weekends.,Also call the securities company asking the share price、The total market capitalization、The increase in the recent years。
This is not trouble,Future giant enterprises in memory,I will understand the status quo.。
Departure, Chen Linzhi, handed it to An Natasia.,Between Nike、Intel、Microsoft、Cisco,Specially tell him that the two companies have not yet been listed,But I must ask her father to find a way.,Be sure to help her invested in shareholders before listed。
In addition to selling shoes,The other three companies Anna Tasia are completely do not know,The first time, Chen Linzhi is so serious,This girl immediately agreed,Tell me, I still have to see my father’s meaning.。
Chen Linzhi also understand,Her thin arm thin leg,Her family is parents,Ok, no need to rush to a moment,Even this is unsuccessful,There is also another opportunity in the future.。
Anna Tasia makes him feel like love,For picking photos,This will be calculated.。
This news may not be worth money,May also value nine digits、Ten digit,Even eleven digits,I don’t think about it.,How much。
Chen Linzhi let her invest,But you are temporarily not intended to invest,He has another use of these three jujures.。
Buy shares in the same time,Don’t have foreign trade、Take more foreign exchange,From the perspective of fast accumulation,Some long line layouts are not suitable for his current situation。The beginning of the year, Luoqi helped to recover back to 150,000 dollars.,Buy a Wal-Mart stock,Today, May only value 1780,000 dollars,Not as good as the current profit。
Different Anna Atasia,Her family is a leisure money, you can sit.,There is no need to waste your energy.。
Back to Xiaosheng also,Call the airport to fly。
at the same time,Gotive Roger·Sampus has a rendering,Prepare for airport and Chen Linzhi,Let’s go to the journey of finding home appliance manufacturers together。
Chen Linzhi is ready to find some second-third line brands,Medium and low-end products in low names but quality,Take Dunpsi reserved procurement order。
Go to this procurement profit,Since the purchase amount will be high,If you successfully fight for this list,Can still make a lot
NS129chapter Tokyo
Whether it is life or now,Chen Linzhi is the first time to come to Tokyo。
From Narita Airport,Sitting directly on the hotel to help arrange business cars,Roadside buildings gradually change,Soon, you can already see the Tokyo Tower from the viaduct.。
This tower created by the Paris Eiffel Tower,Formal name is called 本 电letta,Chen Linzhi saw these information from English travel guidelines on your hand.,It is estimated that it is an intimate driver to prepare,Used to help passengers send time。
Roger is a little fear,Have airs for more than ten hours on the plane,Whiskey plus coffee,Always。