Black fog,Current pierces the sky!
Kohuma is holding a current,Trich it on the knee!
The abandoned gear sinks into the sea,Available in the above。
Bo’s license continues to forward,According to yesterday’s memory,Looking for the location of the big conch,This time you have to kill it.。
Jump、prick、stick、Jump again,In trouble,Sticky!
With the increase of chess,Dragon is shaping on board
“Hey,Boss is not very good.,So white, no, run a lone chess。”West Qianzhu frown。
“Um,The boss seems to find that the situation is wrong.,I have already fallen into the long test.”
A tentacle was fired by Koi!Opened on the sea!
Simple than expected。
Now the board is coming to near50hand,White chess is inexplicably ran out of a string10Chess“stick”,Quite passive。
Bad words,It’s really easy to get it.
Look at this situation,Direct 坂 坂 藏 藏 藏 住 身:“I have experienced the failure yesterday.,Yinchuan Longqi’s mentality is affected?”
“Do not,You look at the Sichuan Sichuan”The big wooden face is ugly shakes his head.,I have seen bad things。
When the lens gives the moment of Yinchuan Long,The temperature of the entire ship seems to be reduced.,Many people felt a silk creepy。
he,Has entered the final thinking state。
Right side of the chessboard,Yuechuan Longhe has been very arrogant,Facial lines begin to distort,It has an obvious little action under all body.,Unlike a player’s appearance。
The part of his right hand exposed,It was tightly biting tightly,Like a beast chewing bone,All meridians are stretched on the sunshine in the corner of the eye。
West Thousands of throat,He certainly thinks about the deep thinking of the boss.,But the first time I saw in reality.,Still a little scared。
“boss,Really human??”The street is also asking for a cold voice.。
Uneasy, like the plague, spread on the whole ship,Even the ordinary tourists who don’t care about the checkers, I feel a definitely cold.。
Black ocean has grown up!
Thunderous current rolls in black mist,The gear is rotated with the speed of despends.!
A giant creature,The surface is about to come out——
“This chess,Laozi is not!”Yuechuan Yeong shouted in his heart,Hurricane cuts the sea。
He plugged his hand into the chess box,Use the whole body to fight the next hand chess!
The whole ship feels the weight of this hand.。
The electric light in the black fog is superior,Sea water is extremely evaporated!