“Continue to sell,in addition,The provincial city has been planned.,It is necessary to start working,Pre-sale work can be prepared in advance,Waiting for pre-sale license,Listing sales,Fully return funds。”
“Yes。”Xin Rui is under,Said done,Hesitate:“You really want to go to Beijing to learn.?”
Wang traffic looks at her,Laughter:“What is this true and false??Suddenly ask this,how,Do you want to go??”
Xin Ri eyes bright:“is it okay?”
Wang traffic shook his head,road:“If you say,I can also help you arrange it.,But now the registration time may have passed,You just want to,I can only wait for next year.。”
Xin Rui face,Then quickly recover,Slightly smile:“It’s ok,I asked this, I don’t want to go to school.,I want to ask……I heard that the company will open the Beijing market in the next step.,To exhale a group of people from the company to the past?”
Wang traffic nodded,Open up the market, you can’t do it yourself.,Pumping some people in the past help is affirmative,He did pick someone from the company,I am going to go to Beijing.。
“Yes, there is this,what happened?”
“I want to ask,Is the human hand selected??if possible,Let me also add it.?”Xin Ri is looking forward to the road。
“You want to go?”King,Strange road:“Why?In the past, I have to stay at least one year and a half years.,It is usually no time to come back.,You don’t take care of Xiaolei.?”
Xin Rui’s eyes light slightly glanced,Conscientiously:“First arrived,I want to open up the market in Beijing is definitely not easy.,I want to give the company force,Xiao Lei horse must rise,You can stay at the school,Don’t take care of me again,it’s OK。”
Wang traffic is sinking,Still shaking the head:“You have this heart.,But after the past, get to the sales,And have some time?,You are not in the past, I can’t help anything.,Temporarily still stay in the company.,Do it well,It is the greatest busy company.。”
Xin Rui’s mouth,Flashing in the eyes lost,Bumble:“Ok,I listen to you.。”
The day is approaching every day,I am going to leave home soon.,The king has pushed all the recent entertainment,Take time as much as possible,Take more accompanying Zhang Xiaoying and his son。
I haven’t feeled before,But over time getting closer,The king suddenly has a bit.,Especially holding son,When you make him, he will hurt him.,Think about it right away,Be uncomfortable,The mood has some depression。
Zhang Xiaoying is also a little sad,Look at a big one,Sigh:“My son is almost one year old.,It is also the age of learning.,You are walking now,80% is not to hear the son’s first opening called Dad.。”
The king is glanced at her.,I don’t know how.,I suddenly secretly poked my mind.:Don’t let me have no relationship,Don’t call others well.。
NS347chapter It turned out that I was the one.
Note the day before,The king rushed to the capital in advance.。
After all, I have to teat together for a long time.,So I didn’t live the hotel,But I bought a house directly.,Conditions, he will not depend on yourself.。
The company’s first troops have already rushed over in advance.,He Liangzi,After Xu Fei,Guangyuan Real Estate is temporarily in charge,Not bad,Later, Wang Liu won the Guangyuan,After integrating the macro,He also joined the Hongxing,Director of Market。
This time I came over the capital development,The development group of the company is responsible for,First Wang flows a step to Beijing,Registered branch、Lease office space,Carry out various preparations,Also, I’m going to see the house.,The villa is what he helps.。
Location in Yanshi Villa Area,One of the nine villas in Beijing,Landscape is very good,Northern Eagle Mountain National Forest Park、Southern Qinglong Lake、East Nangong Hot Springs、The west side is two millennium ancient temples.,Natural resources are quite rich,It’s not far from the Qinghua.,House has been decorated,Can stay in the bag,Three layers,1200flat,Price1800Ten thousand。
All aspects of the conditions are very satisfied,Come over and read,I bought it directly.。
“Branch already registered,In a few days, you should come down.,The venue has also been rented,In Chaoyang District,Capitalcbd,In the past few days, I took the land price and housing prices in Beijing.,This is information,Take a look。”
He Brightly reported the preparation situation,Then hand it to the king。
Capitalcbd,It is also,Changfeng Capital, Zhou Zhixion,The company location is here,It’s just that you can look at it later.……Wang traffic laughs,Take the information simply。
Chaoyang District price average price3800Block per flat,Fengtai3500,Sewage4000,Inner City 4th District4300……
All districts are basically higher than the average price of Nanhua.,The price of the city has risen for a long time.,I haven’t broken the two thousand five days now.。
But it is normal,After all, it is the capital.,Expensive price,Take the cost is naturally high,The average floor price is basically1460arrive2200between,It is also a big cut than Nanhua.。
It is not different from the expected,The king is not surprised,Looking around:“Did the news in the land transfer have been understood??There is no land to be sold in the near future.?”
He Liang Road:“It is already investigated,However, there is no information for the time being.。”