“Envistant,Can also be seen to see the situation,Goldman Sachs called Chris’s guy,I never let go,So from really, I am bullying soft egg。kksPrivate fundament,I look very young from the photo.,Sure enough girl, the girl is easy to get people hate,I will annoying me.,I heard that she encourages a group to join hands to spread the rumor,I remember her.。”
Chen Linzhi sits on the carpet,歪 头 着,The flocculation is complained to Anna Tasia。
Front-front TV screen connection game machine,Game name《vsSuper Mario Brothers》,That is, a famous plot,Just in the mall, someone sells game console,He bought it back to send time。
Anna Atasian tires,New York local time has passed at 10:30,She is worried about:“You should not impulsive,What to do, do something?”
“……It certainly won’t,Contradictions on the business field,To solve the means on the business field,Who are you?,Teens is a small mix of bad sakes?”Chen Linzhi said that he can’t say。
He used to be a small mix,The chest tattoos are not going to wash now.。
What can Anna Atas say?,Continue to persuade him to see,Also ask not to go back to San Francisco to accompany him。
Chen Linzhi refused,Recently friction is just friction,The situation is still not serious to let him lose reason.。
For necessary safety considerations,His bodyguard increased to five,Very few out of the door,Try not to leave anything。
Recall the impression of the US wealth valve,That gang is a black hand in order to benefit,There are almost all of the US, there are their shadows behind each war.,Before you don’t understand the specific goals of the other party,It is the prevention of it.。
Even if Chen Linzhi felt unlikely to 自己 自己,Still choose a little careful。
Listening to Anatasia,Do you want to find Walton’s brother’s brother?,Chen Linzhi refused again,Immediately:
“Since start trying to do business,I have been a single fight.,Did not rely on anyone,This is more free and easy,But it is still easy to suffer,Help management assets,Even if you earn more money for them, no fart,A bunch of white wolves。
On the personal assets,I am also a famous quarter in California.,However, those guys involve the interests of countless people.,Add a very considerable,It seems that I should find a way to find some partners.、Allies, etc.,It is best to support some official big people.,Black and white,Anyway, it does not affect my personal interests.,Not a little more trouble。”
Anna Atas just mentioned helping,In Chen Linzhi, doing foreign trade business.,Also provided a lot of help。
Finish“Did not rely on anyone”This sentence,What she always feels wrong?。
Anna Atasian tone innocent:“I miss you,It is yourself not to say,Deding Sam in the world·Walton,Take our relationship,My father must give you some help.。”
“thank you for your kindness,I haven’t come to the point in the time,I have gone a few big customers today.,Leave a $ 120,000 in default before leaving,You are coming soon.,What gift wants?”
Chen Linzhi, a big man,I don’t want to be seen by Anna Atas parents and relatives.,Didn’t feel that even Sam·Walton also helped too busy idea。
Moreover, it is pulled up by people.,Counting the big problem for life and death,He feels that he can find a way to solve proper,Nothing more than a loss of loss and less。
More than half a month from Anna Atasa’s birthday,She thinks about thinking about it,Finally, only sentence:“Jewelry,How about me?,You can come to New York or I can go to San Francisco.。”
“After eating,Give me my own gift to you?”
Chen Linzhi,Suddenly think of things,Tell:
“correct,It turned out that the listed company also has a tradition to share a gift.,I cast a wuishow group before.,Mainly engaged in real estate business,They contact me to say that I want to send me a house.,Located in the suburbs of Kyoto,Probably worth 150,000 US dollars。
In fact, I have already emptied the stock of this company.,Do they still thank my support,Multi-pass,The listed company in the United States really should learn this kind of intimate practice.……”
NS302chapter Mortar
I accidentally beaten,Chen Linzhi began serious reflection。
He has recognized it except for normal business competition.,There is nothing to do.。
Some time to make money,Mainly through the multi-angle index and the Nikkei index,Can’t fight with this fund company in California。To say that the investment,Who is better than doing business?,Who can choose Who will help financial management?,How can I make any jealous?。
Compare the private equity fund with the traditional public fund,Private equity fund size is too much,Do business in the same area of each other,Less than competing with each other,Service objects are rich in rich and busy money to invest out。
It is always impossible to see others who are doing the same business.,Chen Linzhi wants to go around,I have this truth under the beginning。
He even can’t help but suspect,Is it a girlfriend or a wife who accidentally slept?,But the memories have been found to have very few windfarted balances this year.,And no one can be on。
BesideskksThe founder and operator of private equity fund,Grow up,But the mouth is very large,Even a day is drunk,Chen Linzhi should not be willing so,So it is impossible to have contradictions due to private life.。
Due to insufficient experience。