Chen Dayuan patted the back,Finally revealed his weapon。His weapon is a big and thick nine-ring sword,The knife grows up to nine feet,The whole body emits a deep black light,Seems to be able to smash everything。
“A Tier 3 fierce beast dared to stop me,Get out!”
Chen Dayuan’s figure suddenly disappeared in place,Actively launched an attack towards the Wolf King。
He is worried about the arrival of the python behind him,For a quick decision,No extra effort,I know I can only expel this wolf king,There is a way to survive。
Otherwise, just the giant python will arrive,Even though he is powerful,Can get away,Liu Dunyue and they are bound to be the side dishes of the python。
Although I don’t care much about Liu Dunyue’s life and death,But I want this worldly journey undefeated,I still need the help of these people。
Chen Dayuan is extremely fast,Faster than the speed of sound,The figure just disappeared in place,Cut straight towards the head of the wolf king。
The body of Tier 3 fierce beast faintly exudes metallic luster,Harder than any ordinary artifact,Only fragile parts such as eyes,Is their weakness。
So Chen Dayuan’s first attack,Go straight to the eyes of the wolf。
Chen Dayuan’s figure is very fast,But when he was five meters away from the wolf king,The wolf king suddenly let out a groan!
Wolf mouth wide open,This groaning sound was mixed with a burst of flames。
“This Tier 3 wolf king can actually use the laws of heaven and earth!”