Go on the way,Blue Xin went to the mall to give the South Bridge a few beautiful small clothes and some seasonal fruits.。
Entered the door,See Gu Anan is also at home,Blue Xin face slightly changed,The atmosphere of the family is also a little strange。
“Blue,Ah Cheng,You are coming。”
Gu Xihong looked at the daughter smiles。
Blue Xin laughs。
“Small memory,Come over。”
Gu Xihong saw her daughter,Merry a lot。
Lan Xin and Gu Yi Lin and Gu Yi hit。
Gu Yi looked at Blue Xin,A heartache,“Small memory,Your body is not good,I said,Children I sent back,Why do you want to run again??”
Blue Xin laughs:“I also want to come back to see you.。”
“Oy,Our small memory is such a kindness.。”
Gu Yi got up,Entry in Lu Hao。
Looking at watermelon,He smiled,“Small memory,It’s so kind of you,Big Brother is looking for watermelon.?
Unicorn,Very sweet。”
Blue Xin looks at the watermelon in his hand,Laugh:“These days of the unicuff better。”
Gu Yi Lin Road:“Big brother,You go to cut watermelon。”
Gu Yi smiled nodded,Leave a happy departure with watermelon。
Blue Xin saw an eye,Gu Anan also just looks at her.。
Blue Xin laughs:“congratulations!”
Gu Anan also said two words。
Gu Yi Lin looked at her,Ico in my scorpion。
NS1007chapter:you,Can you be with Xiao Yi?
Location with this despicable means,How long can she sit??
Gu Xihong looked at Gu Ai’an,“Anan,Work well in the future,Look at you so hard,Dad is also assured。”
Gu An’an smiled nodded,“dad,I will,I haven’t congratified Dad yet,I found a little sister。”
Gu Xihong looked at Blue Xin,Also look at her:“Anan,You have to get along with blue blue.,You both are the daughter of Gu Jia.,Dad, I hope you can live happiness.。”
“it is good!”
Gu An An is a little well-behaved.,Slightly picking up the eyes and watching Blue Xin,How can she get along with Blue Xin??
Dad watching Blue Xin’s eyes and looks at her eyes is completely different.。