Chen Xiu’s heart is the battle between heaven and man,In a legal place,It’s really easy to get lost,He finally knows why hundreds of millions of people flow to Australia Island every year。
This is a city where people don’t want to go when they come。
The black woman saw Chen Xiu’s heart,Even dragging him into the dark alley,While saying:“doubleFOkay!”
Chen Xiu can swear,His heart is rejected,But his feet were very disobedient, so he followed the two women to the dark alley。
The phone rang suddenly,Let Chen Xiu, who had lost himself, suddenly wake up,He took out a wad of cash directly from his pocket and stuffed it into the hand of the white woman,There are tens of thousands of Australian dollars。
The white woman said in surprise:“Asheng,We don’t jungle!”
Giving money at this time is really easy to misunderstand,Chen Xiu waved and said:“Do not……Is not,You go,Service no more!”
The two foreign women were even more surprised,This young man is not drunk,No alcohol on the body,Why give money for no reason。
Chen Xiu didn’t bother to explain to them,Turned around and walked outside,Hurry up,Ou Sheng’s urging voice came over there:“Let you buy some food,Why so long,Starved baby!”