Wenhui turned aroundNCircle,Finally got a panacea,He took out his cell phone and called Xiao Liu,“Liu Ah,Tomorrow Caijiayuan and we must go alone,I think you fit……Ok,Ok,I have an appointment with Dong An and Mr. Yan to talk about things tomorrow,You do it for you,Damn,Ok, deal。”
Li Tianchou rented a Ford off-road vehicle from a large-scale car rental agency,The performance is not bad,I drove the car directly to the Jia Duofu Supermarket in Fushan,Looked at the phone repeatedly,Xiao Song never sent a message,So purchase travel materials according to my own ideas。
Camping tent、sleeping bag、Flashlight、Disposable tableware、Plastic cloth、Instant noodles、Bottled mineral water, etc.,There are also snacks that I think are good,A lot of big bags。I went to a nearby prescription and bought some gauze、alcohol、Anti-inflammatory and cold medicine,Just stuff the trunk full。
Until noon,Li Tianchou still didn’t wait for Xiao Song’s news,See if it’s time for dinner,So he dialed the phone again,It’s been a long time on the speaker,Call,Xiao Song’s voice is almost inaudible,“Not convenient now,Not finished yet。”
“No matter how busy you are?”Li Tianchou puzzled,Explain some things as for??
“Eat yourself first,Lunch at headquarters。”
A busy tone soon came from the microphone,Li Tianchou is a bit at a loss while holding the phone,Just a day away,Xiao Song’s attitude is different,Could something be difficult??Or what did I do wrong,Upset her?
Yes,I’m afraid she has repeatedly advised her to leave Yuxing,That led to this result,Li Tianchou quickly guessed the source of the matter。Xiao Song is different from him after all,Growing up next to Uncle Geng,The feelings for Yuxing are naturally much deeper,How can I say leave and leave?
Li Tianchou realized that he had acted too hastily,But in his position,To some people in Yuxing,Impossible to leave it alone,I really want to scream and slay the brothers who have shared weal and woe,Li Tianchou couldn’t ask himself,So contradictory。
And many things have undergone qualitative changes from the roots,Killing a few people will not do anything,It is wise to stay away from the whirlpool。Li Tianchou asked himself to be worthy of Uncle Geng’s entrustment,Also worthy of Yuxing,But everyone has their own ambitions,He can blame Fu Erde and others for their speculative practices,But it’s not easy to interfere,As for Peng Weihua,If you do too much evil, you will get retribution。
But this idea,Maybe in Xiao Song’s eyes it is a kind of escape and selfishness,Li Tianchou sighed,Suddenly lost any interest,Drove the car back to the parking lot of the hotel and went upstairs to sleep。
Until night,Li Tianchou was woken up by the phone ringing,I thought it was Xiao Song’s call,Unexpected number,Press answer key,I knew it was Luo Jun。
The other party heard Qi Baozhu say that Li Tianchou had returned to Fushan,Naturally come to meet,For this big brother who is like a guide,Li Tianchou dare not neglect,I hurried to wash up and went straight to Yuxing Motor Company。