There was a strong baritone on the phone:“I’m Mayor Chen,Please come to my office immediately,I have something important to look for you”Without waiting for Ouyang Hong to speak,The other party has hung up。
Ouyang Hong, who was a little puzzled, turned over the display,Found this number is correct,It’s indeed the phone number of the city hall。But she just can’t figure it out,Since Wang Youdao master caught Pingyang Town,Mayor Chen rarely finds her,Then he calls this phone today,What do you mean again?
Ouyang Hong never wanted to understand this,But the mayor is looking for her,She has to go。Ouyang Hong asked Deputy Mayor Zhao to explain,So I went to the bus station in town,There should be an early bus at this time。
There is a car in town that might give her off,But Ouyang Hong thinks about too much recent things,She can vacate this car by taking the shuttle bus,For those who need it most。
At nine o’clock,Ouyang Hong has arrived at the city government,He knocked on the door of Mayor Chen’s office,Just listen to the shout inside:“Please come in!”Ouyang Hong opened the door and walked in。
“Damn!Mayor Ouyang!I haven’t seen you for some days,The flood in Pingyang Town,But I’m so busy”Mayor Chen laughed and stood up,He personally poured a glass of water for Ouyang Hong。
Ouyang Hong sitting on the sofa is confused,Mayor Chen is too rare to do this。Know what his purpose is?Ouyang Hong smiled and asked:“Is Mayor Chen looking for me in such a hurry??”
“Ha ha,You drink water first!Later Deputy Mayor Wang arrived,Let’s talk together”Mayor Chen said,Sat back,He started to read the documents on the desk again。
Just drank two sips of water,Someone knocks on the door,Mayor Chen shouted,Door opened,The person who walked in is Wang Youdao。When he saw Ouyang Hong,His face changed slightly,Asked a little embarrassed:“Mayor Ouyang is here?”Ouyang Hong stood up,Say hello to Wang Youdao。
Mayor Chen put down the information in his hand,Smiled and said to Ouyang Hong:“Mayor Ouyang!I came here to borrow some money from you,Deputy Mayor Wang can’t talk about this,I have to do this”
“Borrow money from me?What money do i have?”Ouyang Hong asked puzzledly。
Mayor Chen laughed and said:“Of course you have no money,But isn’t your Pingyang Town Cooperative rich??I heard that the venture group has injected another two million in investment funds two days ago?“
“This thing is true,But I have no right to use this money“Ouyang Hong said coldly。She never expected,Mayor Chen came to her for this。