The car is speeding on the highway,Fang Fang stared at the front,Keep playing the horn。The pointer on the stopwatch has been shaking for about one hundred and eight yards。
At nine o’clock in the evening,Xia Jian is in a black suit,Holding a big wreath in his hand,He appeared at Bai Ruyu’s funeral。
The tearful Bai Zhenshan saw Xia Jian,Hobbled over,He choked and said:“Xiaoxia!When Ruyu is leaving,Don’t forget to let me thank you,This is what she left for you“Bai Zhenshan said,Took a letter from the pocket of my clothes,Handed it to Xia Jian。
At this moment,Bai Ruyu’s mother also came over,She choked and said:“Ruyu told Xiaoxia to take a look at her,Spark immediately“When finished saying this,Bai Ruyu’s mother has cried into tears。
Xia Jian walked to the place where Bai Ruyu’s body was parked,Reached out and gently lifted the white cloth covering her body。There was no pain on Bai Ruyu’s face with her eyes closed,On the contrary, there is a slight smile at the corners of their mouths。
Where is this gone,She is clearly asleep。Xia Jian trembling,Covered the white cloth,Tears flowed down Xia Jian’s eyes like beads。
“child,Don’t be sad anymore,Ruyu walked peacefully,At least she has no pain,All this is due to you“Bai Zhenshan gently patted Xia Jian on the shoulder and said。
First0500chapter Great change
Ye Jing can hear the sound when she drops a needle。
Xia Jian didn’t know how he returned to Beishan’s home,It’s late anyway。He is lying on the bed,Two empty looking at the ceiling,As if he was going to see through the ceiling。
Time is like running water,Flowing slowly,Xia Jian felt that his soul was out of the body,He can’t be himself。My mind is also empty,He has no thinking。
suddenly,Xiao Hei screamed,Let Xia Jian recover from this terrible state,Is there really a ghost in this world?Xia Jianmeng sat up。
Only then did he remember the letter from Bai Zhenshan to him。He took it out,Gently torn open the envelope,The beautiful lines of pen writing immediately caught his eye。
“Xia Jian,My dear friend,When you see this letter,I’m gone。Thank God for letting me know you all my life,your appearance,Gave me the happiest time in my life,Say something you are not afraid of laughing at me,I like you,If i am not sick,I will chase you“
See here,Xia Jian is shocked,Only then did he remember what time Bai Ruyu spent with him,Her joy and anger,Or a look,It turns out that it contains another meaning,He is a piece of wood。
“I figured it out in life, it’s actually such a thing,I am very unlucky to have this disease,But when I can’t keep on living,But you get acupuncture,Sounds like joking,But this is true,You relieved my pain,Let me live calmly in the last time“