“not late!This guy’s new year is not worrying,Then you tell him to shut up forever,I’ll be responsible for something wrong”Xia Jian’s face changed,Say word by word。he knows,Sometimes,He has to be cruel。Otherwise this group of people won’t be able to clean up。
Diao Xiong has suffered from Wu Wu,He lay in the hospital for two days last time。I didn’t expect to run into it again tonight,What is terrible,Wu Wu brought more people than last time。
The two or two cat urine that Diao Xiong drank in his stomach disappeared instantly,He realized that he had made another big mistake tonight。He shouldn’t put on a foul air here,You can run away after hitting someone,Why are you talking about so much nonsense??
“You gangsters, listen,Diao Xiong is going to run away。Pingdu from tomorrow,But there is no one like him。So those who know the time,Get out,Otherwise, don’t blame the brothers for their heavy hands.”Wu Wu suddenly yelled like this。
People are not afraid of death that is fake,It depends on the situation。
Which of Diao Xiong’s subordinates suddenly became a mess,I don’t know who shouted:“He is leaving,Why should I give him his life?”
Huff,These people are all walking outside。Diao Xiong suddenly has no master,Opened his mouth wide in surprise。He wants to keep everyone,But no one would listen to him。
To the end,There are only four or five people left。And these four or five people,He brought it from his hometown。They might want to go too,But can’t go。
Diao Xiong’s face slowly changed,He stuttered to Yao Junli:“I lost Mr. Yao!I will give you a lot of spending tonight。I just don’t understand,This Xia Jian,Isn’t he at odds with Boss Wang??How do you explain this tonight?”
“Get out!Our boss Wang and Xia always come from the same village,What’s wrong with them?Nonsense”Wu Wu gave a cold cry,I want to fight Diao Xiong。Diao Xiong frightened back two steps,Look panicked。
Xia Jian stopped Wu Wu and said:“Forget it!Don’t do it for the New Year,Let him go!”
“Can’t go down to receive the account,Do you really want to wait for me to break your leg”Wu Wu shouted at Diao Xiong。Diao Xiong heard the words,Nodded quickly,Which people with him,Went downstairs quickly。
Yao Junli’s security guards,Maybe it’s because I’m afraid that this guy will deceive,He chased it from behind。Xia Jian took a breath,Smiled and said to Wu Wu:“Brothers have worked hard!How about I set a table here”This is Xia Jian’s kind words。
Wu Wu quickly laughed:“Easy work,President Xia is welcome。Then you guys are busy,we are leaving。Boss Wang is still waiting for everyone to sing in Beauty International!”Wu Wu waved his hand,The people who took him suddenly disappeared without a trace。
So much trouble,It’s twelve o’clock,Xia Jian accompanied Yao Junli back to her villa。Yao Junli took Xia Jian and sat down,Took a breath and said:“I’m going to Africa the day after tomorrow,Where did we invest in a project started construction,I am a major shareholder,Where must I work for a while”
“what!So suddenly!Who will take care of the business over there?”Xia Jian couldn’t help but ask。
Yao Junli leaned in Xia Jian’s arms,She said softly:“I have sold the hotel in the provincial capital。The hotel here is left to Manager Sun to take care of without any problems。Other projects I invest in,All normal。Zhang Luhe’s project has worked hard for you”
“Does it take a long time to go out this time?”Xia Jian suddenly asked a little bit unwillingly。