The college students who watched the game in the Internet cafe said they could find an organization!I didn’t expect the home team of Jingnan Science and Technology University to train by my side.!Have expressed their desire to play together!Play together!
“Master Lu you just mentioned,Is it the master who made a global server sensation this morning??”
More people
Recognized Master Luban’sID,Expresses the infinite worship of idols!There are no less players who want to apprenticeship on the spot5A,Are blocked by Zhang Song one meter away。
“Want to learn from my master,I must first ask my big brother!”
“Hello big brother!what?Didn’t you sing on stage‘Dishes like tornado’That little whirlwind??It turns out that Master Lu is your master in public?so amazing!”
Zhang Song smiled badly,Who hasn’t had a green past?
Legion system,After receiving the news of the successful promotion of the Huacao team,The most surprised are Changmao Yingdan and the King of the Black Wind Mountain……
Long Mao Ying short thought:“The promotion speed of this army is too terrifying,And it’s just getting promoted1It’s longer in minutes16Players……Sooner or later this kind of development speed will be bad for Ms. Rose!”
The Great King Heifengshan doubted:“2Tianjin3level?Have my mouth been opened??What to say?If the army of flowers and grass increases100Man and a deputy head,Then the difficulty of my plan has increased?!”
Calmed down for a moment,The main players of the army of flowers and plants played a few games each,To complete the newly issued missions……
“23point55Minute!Take a look at their respective rankings!”