“Wu Wu is right,Don’t worry about her anymore。Come!Let’s go one by one,Sister Liu also has to pick it up”Tian Wa holding a wine glass,Said with a smile。
Wang Youcai made a toast,Then haha smiled and said:“You only know one,I don’t know the second。Because of Chen Suicong’s death,Let me see the fragility of life。Maybe wake up,We may all have gone to another world,So I think,We have to live well now”
“Brother Wang’s realm is really different from ours。But Brother Wang is right,Each of us should grasp the happiness in front of us,Don’t wait to miss it and look back。Wait till then,Maybe everything is too late”Wu Wu also said with emotion。
Liu Ying drank the wine in her glass,She said coldly:“You guys,Really can’t speak,Say some scary things。Life and death,What do you think so much”Liu Ying said,I took the bottle myself,Start pouring for everyone。
Wang Youcai glanced at this woman and said:“You drink less,Don’t get drunk。I have to get up tomorrow to make breakfast,Don’t miss business。
“Rest assured,I have a sense of measure,But you guys,Don’t use alcohol to relieve your sorrow”Liu Ying said,Opened the second bottle of liquor。
Wu Wu and Tian baby drink more than Wang Youcai,But these two people in front of their boss,Keep one hand for everything。When the second bottle of liquor is almost finished,These two pretended to drink too much,Shook his body and went back to sleep。
Wang Youcai’s office,Only Liu Ying was left to drink with Wang Youcai。suddenly,Liu Ying stood up,Go to the door and close the door again,Locked up from the inside。
Wang Youcai’s eyes are open,He laughed and said:“You are so anxious?I’m not in the mood tonight”
Liu Yingbai gave Wang Youcai a look,Whispered:“What are you thinking about?I want to tell you something serious。You have never been serious”
“Business,Isn’t your family short of money again?!Then just tell me,Need to close the door?This will make people think”Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,Leaned against the back of the sofa。If he drinks two more glasses,Sure to get drunk。
Liu Ying glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“You look ugly,Disadvantages of one suit,The advantage is that it is good for women。I think,Someone who can be your husband and wife forever,only one,I don’t know if you can watch it?”Liu Ying, an honest man,It was sold out in front of Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“You mean let me marry you!”“Nonsense?Someone has a husband。Even if you are a widow,That’s also a husband”Liu Ying said,I lowered my head sadly。
First2062chapter This is the end of a home
The night is getting deeper,Wang Youcai in the house is a little drunk and confused。He glanced at Liu Ying with his head down,Smiled and said:“Speak straight,Why go around。Want to go to bed,Don’t dawdle”