Glance,There is a variety of winds。
Soviet Union,Become an old yellow calendar that is torn on the calendar,After the two poles pattern officially disintegrated,A small country officially announced independence,I am busy dying of diplomats in various countries.。
Global pattern is experiencing a big shuffle,Central Asia five countries established a common market,Many small countries outside the Soviet Union also followed,With the further deepening connection within the EU,The United States is alert between the United States.。
Washington,Old cloth combines the experience of thinking, including Chen Linzhi,Start to call out“Everything is economical”New slogan,Actively promote the establishment of the WTO,Also started with the sides of the company, actively cooperating with the upcoming WTO。
Chen Linzhi did not directly mix it,But many news can’t escape his eyes.,For example, in intellectual property、Taxation、Negotiation details of finance,In the first time, someone will transcribe the news to him.。
After two years of hesitation,The discussion has gradually smashed,The other shore is trying to open the horsepower vigorously develop the market economy,It is said that the private entrepreneurs in the country are all spiritual.。
After reading the article sent by the fax,Chen Linzhi understood the real spring finally came.。
Gao Bo is two people,Come from Hong Kong to Los Angeles。
See the expected date of birth to Changze,Original Chen Linzhi does not want to distract,But the two brought by this high-education,Is to discuss the problem of the Three Gorges Dam,Only the old far from the opposite side,Even if I can’t afford my spirit,Also should seriously receive。
Send someone to the airport,All the way to the manor in the top of the mountain。
Golf course evergreen,Tall pine tree next to the asphalt road,Enter the door for a while,Family make a person including Gao Bo learning,I saw the luxury life of the world’s richest.。
Pony in the forest、Mini cattle and alpaca and other animals,There is a river in the artificial lake and the head,Light is gardener hiring more than 30,New asphalt road curved curvature,No matter where you look at the scenery is harmonious。
The whole manor is surrounded by a high wall,Security guards sitting on a golf cart patrol,It takes a lot of time to walk around a circle.,It can also see the traam of the traam with a group of expensive Ahar Jacama.。
Just listening to high enforcement told,Since entering the door, it is Chen Linzhi’s home.,Both two stuns can’t believe,Can’t help but feel the same as the ancient emperor。
must admit,Comparison with Chen Linzhi,It is really easy to deprecate,The gap is too big.。
Luxury door。
Chen Linzhi received a message,Going out to welcome,Gao Bao seems to not know what to negotiate,Previously only people told that it is a good news,The construction plan of the Three Gorges Dam has passed。
Not last year,Preparation for the Three Gorges Dam,Before and afterwards, it has been in turn for more than ten years.,The program has been released,It is not enough to build funds.,Long-term stay on the paper。
Come from Changze,More than ten minutes。
It is getting closer to the expected date of birth.,Until now, Chen Linzhi is still unclear is a male is a woman.,The two people discuss no one without saying a doctor.,Try to keep a sense of surprise,Let it be natural。
actually,Chen Linzhi feels good,After all, I have already sneaked once.,Only Changze is tight,In a panic,I also follow him and follow a little anxiety.。
After waiting for the car to stop,Gao Bo student and other people,Chen Linzhi shakes his hands, respectively,Guest ventilation,Leading them into indoors……
Don’t talk about it。
Have a high enforcement help,I have met each other.。
Chen Linzhi personally led two guests and several staff members,Walk around your new house,Whether it is a luxurious private library and collection room,Still picking up a high eight-meter Greek style super large indoor pool,Let everyone amazed。
Van Gogh, Van Gogh, worth 10 million,Silled in private collection room along with the artwork of many masters,Top security facilities,Always constant temperature,Bronze from Shang Dynasty,To be washed with the first kiln kiln,Two times to Monet《Haystack》,Sculpture from the acquisition of the next place from all over the world、Jewelry,Sir, like a small museum。
In recent years,Chen Linzhi is considered for tax avoidance and private hobbies,It has spent a lot of money towards the field.,A lot of piles in the Hong Kong City warehouse,Both can be released, some boutique。
The collection here is only part,For example, Daming Yongle Sword,Still placed in the bank of Hong Kong City。
As for the private library of Ten thousand books,In fact, it is more like decoration.,Just just because Chen Linzhi feels comfortable in the atmosphere of the full book.,Since the completion of the house,Those books on the bookshelf, he didn’t touch it.。
Visit for a long time,Finally came to a spacious family meeting room,Chen Linzhi rushed into two lang legs,Laugh:“If you don’t want to give up,Live in me during the United States,There is a meeting next to the golf course.,Thirty rooms have been arranged inside,Go out、Walk around,All comfort。”
“Row!Just saved the expenses of accommodation,In the United States, everything,The price is really expensive。”
Gao Bao is afraid of other people embarrassed,Therefore, I will advocate the first to agree.,Take another sentence:“This is simply a fairy day,Never I heard who can live in such a luxurious house。cough,Mr. Ning and Mr. Song are simply talking about me on the road.,Your investment is basically no problem.,It is some small details that need to be negotiated.。”