Han Shanshan as much as possible with his minimum voice。
But Li Hui is listening to the clear,Hurry and shake your head denied。
“Big squad leader,I am with everyone.,This kind of thing can’t make a joke。”
Although hidden Han Shanshan is not good,But Li Hui does not want to reveal。
“Let’s hurry to contact the maintenance person.,I haven’t taken it yet.,I heard that they are going to go tomorrow.。”
Li Hui Feng, this exit,It is also reminded Han Shanshan.。
“Correct,Hurry to contact the most powerful engineer,Can you get a chain at this time?。”
I heard Han Shanshan’s words,The staff quickly ran to contact。
soon,A middle-aged black appeared in front of everyone。
Most people say that most people who are fluent in the black people speak.。
“Production line is impossible to have problems,You must be your person to do your hands.。”
Han Shanshan listened to this,Directly:“If you don’t believe there is a problem,Monitoring can be checked afterwards,After all, we are installing monitoring.,Now I hope that you will repair it.,After all, after two hours, we will have a big leader here to inspect.。”
“If you are not satisfied,Then there will be no money all your work.,At the same time, you don’t want to go back to China.,If you don’t believe it, do you try it?。”
Han Shanshan said very domineering。
As a result, black people are more domineering,After all, he feels that he is a person in the country.,I won’t take him in the abroad.。
“Han Miss,If you say this,Then I can’t fix this production line.,You look at this.。”
Say,The other party is directly turned away.。
As a result, Li Hui Feng is directly blocked in front of the other party.。
“I have signed the contract with your owner.,And you also signed the contract when you follow together.,That is before the production line is not working properly.,Can’t go back。”
“If you really don’t want to go back,Then I am happy to play with you.,And this production line can completely returned,At that time, because you lose 5 million losses,You are going back, I am afraid the day is not good.?”
Li Hui’s words are completely holding each other’s soft ribs.。
“Humph,I said that you are yellow.,Sure enough, it’s really awkward.。”
Li Hui said this,Also a laugh,I only used the other party to understand the language language.。
“It all said that the people of the Headman are quite unreasonable.,Not reasonable,Today, I’m afraid of the name.,And I also like to bully,Within two hours, we must have a production line that can produce normal production.,If you can’t,So our days are not good.,Don’t pass your day.。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng does not give any opportunity to explain anywhere。
Take all people ready to leave。
“I need help,I can’t finish myself.。”
Li Hui said this,I also laughed in my heart.,He is waiting for this sentence.。
“Row,How many of you will help him。”
Li Hui also refers to a few people directly,At the same time, I will leave it will stay.。
But the other party is not to give Li Hui’s opportunity.。