Liu Yibai and Li Tianzhang are inevitable,At the same time, they use their best strength、The strongest trick。
The gap between the 8th and 9th products cannot be made up by the combination of the two 9th products,The soft sword hits the double short swords and the steel fan,Glowing。
Liu、The place where Li and the two are standing is a big recess,Half of their bodies are buried in the mud。
“Hehe……Come again!”
Just one hit that Chen Xiu couldn’t beat was only half the strength,Liu Yibai and Li Tianzhang were already beaten half-length by themselves,He is very happy,Jumped up,Up and down,Chop again。
Both Liu Yibai and Li Tianzhang closed their eyes,This sword is more domineering than before,How they can resist。
One of Li Tianzhang’s men has an extra flying knife,Instantly shot three swords at Chen Xiu in the air,Every cut is as fast as lightning,When three flying knives fly out“Product”Font,Put Chen Xiu behind、All left and right are locked,I can’t find a place to flash!
“Young master,Go fast!”
That person also knew that if Chen Xiu was a flying sword,Chen Xiu’s flying knife won’t hurt Chen Xiu a minute。