Despised again!
When I rented a house, I was despised by a few sales ladies.,After all, they still have a bit of beauty。
“Special,You a big man who sells cars,What right do you have to despise me!”Chen Xiu feels frustrated,Scolded:“To today,How can your service attitude work?!”
After finishing speaking, I left the Volkswagen car shop and went straight to the opposite Volvo.4Sshop。
After Chen Xiu walks out the door,The service manager who sells the car whispered:“See you have been poor for three lifetimes,Can you afford Tiguan??But I’ve been to the test drive party who touched the steering wheel,You’re awesome!”
Chen Xiu got to the opposite Volvo4Sshop,I got a match right awayS90,Just use it50I bought it all at once。
Installment or something,does not exist!
The whole process is less than ten minutes from payment to staff delivery。
The sales manager of Volkswagen was in a daze when he was awakened by a horn outside,Run out and have a look,I saw a brand new VolvoS90The driver’s seat is really the one who was driven away just now“Test drive party”Young people。
And this young man actually looked at himself with contempt。
“What speaker,As if you can afford it,Just test it out!”
The sales manager is also back to Chen Xiu,It’s just getting more wrong,I saw that carS90A white paper temporary license plate is pasted on his car window。
Not a test drive!
Seeing the surprised expression of the sales manager,Chen Xiu knew that he had already seen the truth of the matter,It’s the satisfaction of stepping on the accelerator to the end and flying away!