Taoist Li Mingming,But obsessed with the formation。
obsessed,Is the direction of practice!
First20chapter Xiangong Fifteen Halls(under)
Emperor Yi Sen sighed with emotion,Seeing Li Ming who can’t move his feet,A little funny。
“Ming Daoyou,Don’t rush to understand this formation,Let me go and leave the light of my life。”
Li Ming also shook his head,With a group of Emperor Yisen going,But I’m still asking about Qingshui Temple’s related information。
Emperor Yi Sen smiled and told Li Ming。
For Li Ming, who is taking the ultimate battle,,Comprehending other formations is definitely beneficial。But the premise is that the level of these formations is high enough。
Need to know that the ultimate array is all-inclusive,The formation of a lower level is completely included in the ultimate formation.。
In other words,At least it must be a formation that is at the same level as one’s own realm,To help his practice。
In other words,Li Ming must at least comprehend the weakest emperor,Or it is useful to realize the formation of the strongest path practitioner.。