They can’t help,If they go to the mountain road again at this time,Then they are greeted by death。
Qin Hao and Huang Xiaoding dodge these artillery fire as quickly as possible。
“Turn on the battle simulation system,Automatic simulation of firepower trajectory。”
“Xiaoding,Keep up with me,”Qin Hao predicts the enemy’s cannon fodder trajectory,Then directly avoid these fire trails。
Every step Qin Hao takes,There are cannons on the left and right sides or not far from the front and back,Blast off。
But it just can’t blow them up。
that’s it,Qin Hao took Huang Xiaoding and only used it56Seconds passed1200Mountain road。
Definitely broke the world record,But they don’t have time for these now,Because they are not safe yet。
The enemy on the cliff saw them pass the mountain road smoothly,This firepower is even more intense。
Whole mountain road,It sounded like a big gun battle。
Chapter Seventy Three Fire at me!Qin Hao,Xiaoding seriously injured