Made her famous,Grow spirit。Because throughout Binh Duong Town,And even the entire city,There are not many female village chiefs as capable as her。Town、Market,Even the province has her name as Zhao Hong。Because of the rapid development of Xiping Village,Has become a model village in the whole province。
It’s all about face,But every silent night,Who can appreciate that loneliness。Just when the matter between her and Xia Jian was about to break the ice and water,An inspection report from the hospital,Let Zhao Hong fall into the ice hole again。Infertility,Maybe it happened to other women,Others can accept,But she can’t。
Zhao Hong living in the countryside,Well aware of the stakes here,What’s more, Xia Jian’s generations of single pass,Is it in his hands?,She wants him to break the continuation of the old Xia family incense?She can’t do this,Sun Yuejuan and Xia Zecheng are ten thousand people who do not allow them to come together in this situation。
This may be fate,Since it is fate,He can only admit his fate。Since I can’t be Xia Jian’s wife upright,She would rather stand behind Xia Jian,But she must not lose this man。This is her bottom line for Zhao Hong,So whenever she saw Xia Jian making out with other women,There will be an uncontrollable force in her heart。
When Qin Xiaomin came last time,Zhao Hong felt an invisible pressure,Because she thinks this woman is too strong,Strong forbid her to exist。So when she saw Qin Xiaomin sitting on the motorcycle and hugging Xia Jian’s waist tightly,She completely collapsed from the inside。
These days,She has a very bad life,She has been waiting for news from Xia Jian,Even if it’s a phone call,But still nothing。Xia Jian not only won’t come back,And didn’t even call her。It makes her a little unbearable,Because she saw the intimate look when Xia Jian was carrying Qin Xiaomin on a motorcycle,Keep her upset。
Because her bad mood affected her in-laws,When the second elder left home,I even ran to Xia Jian’s house,To tell her and Xia Jian’s affairs is to tell Xia Jian’s parents clearly。Zhao Hong can see from the old man’s expression,The old people from the two families didn’t talk happily。
So she didn’t go to Xia Jian’s house these days,Because of this,She really doesn’t know what she should do is right,God is too unfair to her, right!
Thinking about things,Zhao Hong opened the lock hung on the door。The whole front yard is dark,Seem to have no vitality。Father-in-law and mother-in-law don’t want to drag her down,I went to my nephew’s house in another province,This is giving her unlimited freedom,But also gave her a loneliness。
Zhao Hong fumbled and locked the door from the inside,Only then sighed,Then go to the backyard。This is one’s life,Go out with a lock,Fire in the door。She hasn’t even eaten dinner till now,But when she saw Xia Jian,I feel hungry。
Although the sky is a bit dark,But Zhao Hong still opened the door skillfully。Because this kind of action is for her,She doesn’t know how many times she has practiced。
When she turned on the light in the room,I suddenly felt that there was someone behind me。Zhao Hong was surprised,She just turned around,I saw Xia Jian pounce on her like a ghost。
Zhao Hong still has no control,She just opened her mouth in shock,Xia Jian has posted his thick big mouth,Blocked,Don’t let her make any sound at all。
Xia Jian’s violent kiss,Let Zhao Hong completely give up resistance for a while,From the heart,All the way to the body,She was captured by Xia Jian。