He is also this form before he and the feather.,Of course, knowing this situation。
“Spring can’t catch up?”Naruto said doubts。
“After all, we avoid the explosion to consume some time.,The source will not be afraid of explosion”Latter。
And the other side of the spring,Then stare at the child in front of the night.。
“Quan Hao Uncle,what happened,Why do you look at me like this?”Blog said。
“Ugh,Still late,Who is he attached?,Actually attached to the blog”Spring said helplessly。
It’s a step behind it.。
Lianhui night has not been able to stop。
“Glow night grandmother,What are you talking about?,How can I not understand?”Bloggy。
He just felt his head。
Spring and Hui Night open the space door appeared in front of him.。
Hui Night opens white eyes carefully observed blogging。
“The soul of the blog is too weak.,I want to separate is unrealistic.,And the blog’s right eye is some special”Hui Night frowning。
“Buddy”Springs a headache。
He is impossible to destroy the soul of the blogger,Extract the genus of the peach。
And the peach choice blonde is probably special,The average person will not bear his own will.。
Only bloggers have a net eye,Will be so special。
“I know that I will shoot it.”Spring said helplessly。
“No one can make this kind of thing,What should I do now?”Hui Night collapsed white eyes。
“what to do?I look at the crispy and clear.,Can also protect the soul of the blogger”Spring said。
Blogs are stupid and know that the problem is somewhat serious.,But he still don’t know what happened.。
I want to ask。
But seeing Spring to see one side。
A space door open,Naruto they came out。
“How is the spring?,Peach”Asked the Narler。
“it’s here”Spring directly pulled the blogger。
“Blonde!”Everyone can’t believe in blogging。
“Feed,what’s up,You said it.”Blonde struggled。
“Is there a way to extract?”Sasuke asked。
He obviously understands the meaning of Spring。
Springs shook their heads。
“Forced to extract the soul of the blog”