Ye Jia has fallen asleep in the arms of the police,Xia Shuyue nervously looked at the crowds outside the station,Still on the steps out of the station,I saw an anxious Zhang Siwei from far away。
Wu Lusheng has been watching the exit,I saw a policeman walking with a pregnant woman from a distance,The policeman is holding a child,I turned to ask Zhang Siwei,“look,Is that Xia Shuyue?”
Zhang Siwei is extremely haggard,I’m about to fall to the ground while standing,The whole person lost a circle,nod,“should be,should be!”Squeeze into the crowd desperately after speaking。
Wu Lusheng was also excited,“The child held by the policeman next to her should be our Jiajia。”After talking, I started to squeeze into the crowd。
Zhao Gang reached out to stop them,“Don’t worry,Crowded,You are too weak,Still don’t squeeze,They will come right away。”After speaking, raise your arm and wave to Xia Shuyue。
Xia Shuyue also gave him a gesture,Zhang Siwei leaned softly on the fence beside,Staring at Xia Shuyue without daring to blink for a second,I’m afraid they will disappear suddenly,Wu Lusheng is already crying,Shrugging shoulders uncontrollably。
Xia Shuyue looked around them again,There is no uncle in the crowd,Her heart is cold,Obviously Zhang Siwei and the uncle have a deep conflict,Uncle didn’t show up at this critical moment,It should be Zhang Siwei who didn’t notify him at all。
Xia Shuyue has no face to see Zhang Siwei,Because of myself,Zhang Siwei has a conflict with Uncle,But now she can’t avoid,Walked straight to them from the crowd。
“Si Wei。”Xia Shuyue yelled awkwardly。
“Ok。”Zhang Siwei nodded in response,I saw Xia Shuyue’s belly,She feels bad,But Xia Shuyue saved Ye Jia,She can barely ask,“How is your child?”
“Okay。”Xia Shuyue answered in a low voice。
Two policemen walked in front of you,Confirmed the identity of Zhang Siwei,I also read Ye Jia’s household register and photos,So I handed the child to Wu Lusheng。
Wu Lusheng cried and said to the police,“Thank you so much,Go sit at my house。”
The police smiled,“That’s not necessary,This is our job,Should be,Saying that your child is lucky,If I didn’t meet Xia Shuyue and know her,,No one found that the woman was a trafficker,Really lucky。”