“In you,Some people may know me,I don’t know。But that’s okay,Everyone will be familiar with it.。”
“From now on,You just need to know,I am a person who likes discipline.,I hope you can follow the rules in the future.。”
Palace Qing and Wang Hai are more familiar.,But when the Wang Hai said this paragraph,Few times when I look at the palace,It is like two people who don’t know.。
“I also introduce it to it.,My name is Wu Chun,Behind your manager,Everyone calls me Auntie.。”
Wu Chun said,The face also exposed a smile,Micro fative face,Meat is a bit crowded,Another share is very close。
but,AsidebaoanLook in his eyes,How much fear。
Both people introduce themselves,Just along the training room,Listen to them,It is still necessary to discuss anything.。
The palace is thinking about it.,Two people comeIGso long,Obviously it is really impossible to know and don’t know.。
The only reason,It is two people.,Come torookieThere is also a greeting。
I want to understand this.,The palace turned into Liu Qingsong sitting next to himself.。
Join Liu QingongIGLater,It was arranged to the location next to the palace.。
“Hey,Liu Qingsong,How did you join?IGof?I listen to Zhao Yi,You are not in the past, you have already finalized another team.?”
Liu Qingsong turned his head and saw the palace clear,Long Liu Hai almost covers his eyes。
Just thinking in the palace,Liu Qingcong does not want to take care of himself,He slowly swallowed,The sound is also no emotion。
“Wu Manager promises to say,I comeIG,As long as the performance is good enough,There is always the possibility of playing at any time.。”
Finish,He turned his head to his computer screen.,The opponent’s opponent is very difficult to match。
Got an answer,Palace Qing does not continue to ask,Don’t understand how to chat,I can only choose back to start playing.rank。
And I have been witnessing this side of Liu Qingsong.,Then after seeing the palace cleaning back,A breath。
He said with the palace,It’s not actually so easy,In fact, the plot is more twist.。
He has been identified andBLGSigning intention,Even the salary has been talked。
but,Just a day before he is about to sign a contract,He receivedIGNew manager Wu Chun’s phone。
Wu Chun promised him,As long as he played,So everything he wants,All inIGGet。
Liu Qingong hesitated for a long time,Eventually I have seen it again.IG VS KTAfter the third game,Resolutely made your own decision。
He put itBLGPigeon,This naturallyBLGThere is very uncomfortable there。
butBLGThere is no way,They didn’t think so much before,In their view,OneLDLPlayers。
The best conditions you can find,It is estimated that it is home here.。
so,They didn’t do other preparations at all,Instead, I will wait for the arrival of the transfer period.。
Preparation and other transfer periods,Then I will sign Liu Qingsong。
How can I know,Liu Qingsong was actually taken.。
It is good enough to have this thing.,They also have the opportunity to find other auxiliary。
Liu Qingsong,Although the heart is rightBLGI apologize,But he does not regret the decision to make。
He really wants to partner with the palace,World WorldIGThe deepen the play,His idea is more and more intense。
He has a predict,According to the growth rate of the palace,I am afraid if I don’t catch this opportunity.。
So,Opportunities can be a partner with him later,Will be more and more embarrassed。
In this case,Distance from your own championship,It will be further farther and farther.?
Recover your thoughts,Liu Qingsong sighed in a breath.。
He also has a champion dream.,after all,No one wants to stand on the world of the world??