“Say。”Beninde,Li Wei gods a few people。
“I demand popular martial arts!”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“A person is strong fit,The hospital doesn’t need it.,I hope the future Central Empire can’t see the hospital.,Even,It should also be a small amount.!”
“But you are not afraid that we have no research talents??If you are all repaired?”Beninde。
“This don’t worry about it.,A person likes research,He will not give up。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Moreover,We attach importance to technology,Policy given these researchers subsidized,This makes some people engage in research,And the researchers who have the military scrap in Wu Dao are far from the brain or physical strength.,Including memory,In fact, those chief scientists are the cultivation of half-steps.,In the human world, it is already a big jealous.。”
“This can be implemented。”Totale,Li Wei,Beninde three people nodded。
“In order to absorb talents,Can be recruiting Huaxia,Every year, pay attention to Huaxia candidates.,Many people are very natural,Unfortunately, I have been buried in my life.,Or for the house,As long as you are admitted by us,We will reward a house。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Of course, the screening must be strict!”
“it is good,You tricky, you can’t take a salary.。”Benin is laughing with thumbs up:“Can absorb many real talents。”
“Ha ha,This must be。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“There is also a talent to absorb the four-continental four octaves.,As long as you have a talent,Bidding for the seven continent of the Bozhuzhou,Bohaizhou uses you,We can’t have racial discrimination,What I need is talented person!”
Original Lin Feng wants to set the circle in the Chinese,But don’t know why,Lin Feng remembered the Daqin Empire during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period.。
That Times Huaxia quadrota,For the country of Daqin unexpected countries,They are foreign countries,But Da Qin is powerful in order to become strong。
Applied foreign talents,Whether it is Shangjun or Zhang Yi, these famous people,They all played an important role in the process of Qin’s unity.。
And these people are foreigners for Da Qin.,Get a high-income status in Daqin,Today’s Bozhu is like the original Qin,If it is a hegemony of the seven continent,Must compete for the talents of the four continent。
Enabled,As long as you have a talent,Contribute to the unified seven continent,You can get yourself and wealth and wealth.。
“it is good,It is worthy of the Emperor of the Emperor。”Benin thumbs up:“We will formulate some rules!”
“There is also a formulated currency,Bohaozhou must have its own currency,to be honest,If you really want to unify the four continents of the seven continents,Money is crucial!”Li Yu Shenqi Dien:“Even more effective than the real war!”
“currency?This person who is looking for a professional field will make it。”Lin Feng Road:“Formulate,Issuance, etc.,Need professional talents。”
“we know,You will be named,Originally, I came today.,But Xu Lao went to Europe to meet.。”Beninde Road。
“I name?”Lin Feng Road:“That is named Tianyuan!”
Wen Yan in Tiannan,After laughing:“Name is good,Named!”
“Tianyuan!”Beninde and Li Wei have a smile,I nodded with this naming.,Although the name of this currency is overbearing,However, the need for the Bohaozhou is overbearing。
“dad,Li Shu,Mengsu,Big brother is in the house.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“no need,Meng Laoge still needs to say。”Benin is laughing and explaining。
“Mengsu,Say,What is wrong?。”Lin Feng smiled and said,Mende is definitely a gainful Chinese leader,He supports the survival of the Chinese people。
Have a lofty position in the Huazhuang Chinese。
“Forest president,Thank you。”Mende is so fast:“I came to a matter today.,In fact, they have already mentioned it.,The viral Mudxiian government will be partially cultivated as a Chinese area,Representatives of this area want to join。”
“Join?This is a good thing.。”Lin Feng sorrows:“But you must solicit the agreed by the Malai government.,We can’t take the initiative to provoke disputes,Everything looks at the public opinion,Look at the government’s attitude。”
“it is good,it is good,do not worry,We must follow your guidance。”Meng De Wen said Haha smiled:“This will thank you.。”
“you are welcome。”Lin Fengnan smiles:“Li Shu,Give Meng Shundan,Let Meng Shun’s repair,Wash the myeloid body to Meng Shu。”
“You can rest assured,We are preparing。”Li Yu god laughed。
“Bowen President,Lin President and the master of our mother are like renewing parents.,We have no return!”Mende said。
“Mengsu,You are welcome,Be a family。”Lin Feng is so fast laughing:“You pay more attention to your body.,Especially big brother!”
“Ha ha,It is better than you take the rocket.,Do not,The rocket is not running fast。”War of Wen Haha in Tiannan,Nowadays, people from family family have been migrated.,He is now a leader of home。
“Ha ha!”Lin Feng Wen Yan Haha smiled。
“All right,work on your businesses,We walked。”Totale,Beninde,Mende,Li Wei got a laugh,Standard between forest maple reactions,Several people have left。
Lin Fengnan smiled and walked into the villa housing.,The small courtyard is quiet,No one,Estimated Sichuan Luo Sakuo,Tiyin Yao,Night cold,Evil is four people。
I immediately turned around.,His figure came to a quiet place in Qianzhu。