Just then Liu Wei’s phone,Liu Wei connected to the phone,The voice came from the phone.:“I am Li Wei。”
“I am Liu Wei,What is the scene on there??”Liu Wei asked。
“on site12People missing,36People die,This is the latest statistics。”Li Yishen’s voice road came:“Disappearing twelve life is also no bigger,I have been looking for people.。”
“it is good,We are talking about this matter。”Liu Wei explained。
“Can you make Miss answer??”Li Wei suddenly。
“it is good!”Liu Wei heard a little bit,When it is about to hand over Tao Yao。
“Li Shu,I am Yao Yao。”Tang Yin Yao Road。
“Miss,I listen to them.,You want to use hell?”Li Wei suddenly asked。
“good,This matter must be done,Kill a hundred,Otherwise, I will not protect the global interests in the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”Tang Yao quiet:“Dead one is not enough,That death is dead,And this thing is on the Tang family,Temple,Lesson Mountain,Fairy,Dragon,Beijia has played。”
“In fact, I am not against your opinion.,Just this thing discovered a new situation,I am afraid you hurt the killer in time,Also stopped,Because this involves a huge secret。”Lee God:“Daming Empire Sanbao adults have left a treasure there。”
NS686chapter Sambo Bank
“what?Three treasures?”T6 Yinyao:“How big is the message reliability??”
“Not leave ten。”Li Yu Shen explained:“So caution,Want to move their words,Key time to do。”
“I see。”Tang Yao quiet:“But even so,Their warships don’t have to stay.,Directly。”
“This must。”Li Wei god heard the head。
“All right,This is right away from the past,I am notifying a master of hell here.。”Tang Yinyao directly made a decision。
“it is good!”Li Wei god heard his words and hang up。
“Things have changed?”Ye Tiancang asked。
“Things have changed,This thing involves the three treasures of Daming Empire。”Tiyin Yao explained:“Nine long life,Sanbao adults have left a treasure there.。”
Tell this,Everyone present in the field is out of color。
The people who only know the three treasures,Famous overseas,But Ye Tian Cang,Xu Fengli and others know that the three treasures in history are a peerless!
This is a figures of a martial artist level.,He creating a first evil spirits in ancient times.,Famous,This evil work is too weak.。
The east’s demon teacher is unbearable to cultivate this god into a grand realm.,Seven continent,Become the first expert in the seven continent,From this, you can imagine the talent of this three treasures.。
But this evil function is finally,Therefore, you can’t be included in the top of the nine gods in the past.,Can only be listed as the first evil work in ancient times。
Sanbao adults make excellent contributions to China in China,Therefore, I didn’t have such evil work because he created such a evil.,Instead, there are three treasures in many parts of Southeast Asia or even Huaxia.。
“The nine pool should not lying.。”Tang Yao quiet:“And the fact is so true,Can also explain why the Po Po is directly related to us directly?。”
Liu Wei sighed,She didn’t expect to develop a gold mine overseas and actually provoked so many things.。
“Let me think about。”Ye Tian He heard that he thought about it.:“In this way,possible,last century30Era,I have also wanted to find the treasure of the three treasures.,Because the legendary three treasures have established a palace overseas overseas。”