Lin Xiao leads the topic to the design map。
Anyway, Lu Hao Cheng also can’t check the spider silk mart.。
“Oh!”Lu Haozheng,Watching a look at her:“Do you think the network technology is poor in our Rio Group??”
“Continental,The design map must be hacking,otherwise,The clothes I have designed will not be listed in advance by each other.,Let the Lu Group have suffered such a big loss。”
Lu Haocheng looked at the right game,“Loss is really large,Assistant,You go back and count.,A list to the forest designer。”
The Journey is immediately laughed:“President,I will definitely count,I will be careful to give the forest designer.。”
Lin Xiao:“……!”
“Continental,What to do for me??Shouldn’t you give each other??Is it a fair to steal the company??”
Lin Xiaowei looked at Lu Haozheng calmly。
Lu Haozheng’s elegant,Didn’t see Lin Xiao,But look at the right game,“Now,An explanation to the forest designer。”
“Now……”The right game is difficult,Look at Lu Hao Cheng’s unrequited face,He immediately smiled and nodded:“Good,President,I am now,This thing can be difficult for me.。”
The power chapter immediately opened the laptop count loss。
Lu Haocheng is to take out mobile phone and Blue Xin chat WeChat。
Lin Xiao’s fog,I don’t understand what Lu Hao Cheng wants to do.,The heart is faintly about about the restless,But the calm of the storm。
She panic,It is self-investment network。
[Wife,I will come back soon.,We went to the Jiangyu Hotel to eat hot pot tonight.。]
Blue Xin:[Do not go,go home,I am going to accompany you.,She said uncomfortable。]
Lu Hao Cheng,A face depressed。
Le Hao always blocks the culprit of their husband and wife.。
“Continental,Have a good time,New products listed now,Estimated about 20 billion。”The Journey to the Jincheng smiles his achievements to Lu Haocheng。
Heard this number,Lin Xiao’s 意 勾,She will also get a large part of the compensation。
“Continental,k.rGroup wealth is rough,Shouldn’t you seriously??”Lin Xiao smiled and asked。
Lu Haocheng Road:“This person has no money,I am really worried that she does not pay the account.。”
Lin Xiao:“……”Don’t understand Lu Hao Cheng。
“Assistant,Immediately let the people of the Legate,Holding this list,Immediately like the court to prosecute Lin Xiaolin designer leak Lu Group design map,Can’t compensation。”Icy sound is like a thunder bombing,Let Lin Xiao’s momentum。
Shakes and desire,I have retired a few steps later.,It is incredible to watch Lu Haozheng。
“Continental,you……Is it wrong?。”Her voice is can’t restrain the trembling,The thriller in the pupil is magnificent。
Lu Haozheng,Gaze,“Lin Xiao,I have something wrong.,You know your own。”
“Do not,Continental,I do not understand you。”Lin Xiao’s high,Looking at Lu Haozheng calmly。
Lu Haocheng is indifferent:“You will understand what I mean.。”
“What did you have done in my heart??Still want me to announce your act in the company,Let people who make the country know how you quoted your own。”
“Continental,Speak evidence。”Lin Xiao’s sentence,Obviously there is no bottom,Face gradually became pale。
“Evidence,You can naturally see in court。”Lu Hao Cheng finished,Leave the right chance,I went back to the 25th floor.。
“Continental,wait,What is wrong with this?,You listen to me explained。”Lin Xiao wants to chase,But soon was smiled and stopped.。
“Forest designer,Feel sorry,Lu is always afraid I don’t want to hear any explanation.。”