Dr. is only25age,At that time, the fabulous existence of medical universities,Several papers have laid his position in the entire respiratory community……
I love you in the medical community.“Xiao Zhongnan Mountain”。
Zhou Ye suddenly descended,I looked at the deer.:“Director Zhang is a real retrograde。”
NS18chapter Wuhan is a person
“wrong……Deer sister,Don’t you say Wuhan Support Respiratory Division??Zhang Yu Director,What is another person?。”Zhou Ye is curious asked。
Xu Lu was very serious at this time and looked at Zhou Ye.,“There are,I may go a week.。”
Zhou Ye has been very worship for Zhang Yun。
It’s more curious about another retrorefold.。
He turned his doubtful eyes,Just like a shelf who is waiting,Waiting for the breastfeeding deer。
Xu Dee took a deep breath,“Director Chen。”
Director Chen?
Which Chen Director……
Zhou Yewu’s eyes have a lot。
Xu Lu knows what he is thinking in his heart.,However, this has long been governed.,“Chen Riyuan Director。”
This seems that it is generally shocked by Zhou Ye.。
“Director Chen reads elementary school,How did he take the initiative?。”Zhou Ye is a lot of gossip in the department doctor.。
But why only Chen Director is going to support Wuhan, it seems that everyone is so deep.,Have not mentioned。
Shu deer helpless:“Director Chen is the traditional intellectual,Full of books,Rejuvenate country for your own ideals,When he heard the epidemic in Wuhan broke out,I have to hurry up early.……Unfortunately, my family is quarreling with my wife.,Have a long history,Only delayed the date of Wuhan.。”
I am full of Chen Riyuan, I am.。
This suddenly became more stunned.。
Director Chen is worth a teacher,More than the leader of Tianfeng City’s respiratory disease!
“I have a good news,And a bad news,I don’t know if you want to listen。”Shu Lu looked at Ye Ye,It is inevitable。
That kind of distress is from the heart。
Maybe it’s a hoping of a school sister to a school brother.。
Zhou Ye“Um”A sentence,“Listen to bad one first。”
Shu Lu brewed a long time,It seems that the teenagers in front of the fear can not bear。
“Do you really want to say??Although you will know later soon or later,And you still have some choice。”She sighed。
It seems that it is really not a good thing.!
Even lively Shu deer seems to worry。
Zhou Ye knows that things are wrong.,Ambient:“Say,What bad things can I have for me?,I have experienced a lot of things.。”
Mu Deer’s nose。
“According to the rules of our respiratory rotation,Regulatory life is teaching,Now Chen Director went to Wuhan.,The hospital will also arrange you with Director.。”She said it is very solemn to look at Zhou Ye.。
“According to the system of teaching,I have to learn from Chen Director until I,But this Wuhan is an epidemic area after all.,Will the hospital really let me have such a foreign hospital??”There is no fluctuation on the face of Zhou Ye.,Instead, it is revealed。
When you understand what is the political。