The guy pushed the glasses up,Looked at Xia Jian,Said with a puzzled look:“I came to see my wife,Why are you here?”
Xia Jian heard that people are here to find his wife,I couldn’t help but chuckle,Is he Zhao Xiaomei’s husband??Xia Jian couldn’t help asking softly:“who are you?What is your wife’s name?“
“My name is hu ming,My wife’s name is Zhao Xiaomei,What are you doing,Check your account!“Don’t look at this guy, he’s very gentle with glasses,Talking about it is arrogant。
at this time,Zhao Xiaomei walked downstairs,When she saw Hu Ming,He shouted“What are you doing?Not shame enough“
When Hu Ming saw Zhao Xiaomei,Not a surprise,But anger,He opened his eyes and shouted:“OK!You are here,It turned out to be accompanied,I bother!A couple of dogs“
“Hu Ming,Don’t think about it here,He is our boss,You give me out,I’ll talk about it later”Zhao Xiaomei saw her husband talk nonsense,She said with some consideration。
Hu Ming smiled and said:“Boss?Your boss is so nice,Not going home at night,Accompany you here, right“Hu Ming’s voice is loud,Has alarmed several residents in the surrounding shops,Someone has already started to look here。
Xia Jian never thought,Will make such a,This is really bad luck,Drinking cold water can also stuff your teeth,But things have already happened,Must be resolved,Can’t he pretend to be deaf and stupid here?!
“Hu Ming!Since Li Xiaomei is your wife,You should respect her,Don’t hurt her here, okay?Let’s go upstairs and say“Xia Jian said,Reach out to pull Hu Ming。
I didn’t expect this guy to shake his arm,Xia Jian glared at him and said:“My wife?She sleeps with you,Is this still my wife?“Hu Ming said,Started roaring again。
Xia Jian finally couldn’t help it,At the moment the anger rises,He punched out,Hit Hu Ming on the forehead,Fortunately, he only used less than half of his power,This guy almost fell to the ground。
Hu Ming covered his face,Gritted teeth:“OK!You slept with my wife,Even looking for me,You wait“Hu Ming finished,Turned and ran out。
Li Xiaomei paled with anger,She choked:“Sorry Mr. Xia,I didn’t expect this to involve you too,I will go back now,Go through the formalities with him immediately“
“Hey!Why go back now?Everyone is angry,Wait till dawn!“Xia Jian stopped Li Xiaomei who was about to leave,Li Xiaomei hesitated,I had to follow Xia Jian upstairs。
After the toss just now,The sky slowly started to light up,Zhao Xiaomei boiled a pot of water,Went downstairs,I bought them breakfast,Xia Jian is not polite,So we finished breakfast with Zhao Xiaomei。
“Oh!Waiting for work,Arrange your work,Hurry home,Tell your husband what happened last night,Otherwise the misunderstanding is too deep,Not good for everyone”Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Xiaomei with a bad face and said。