“My home is too far,Won’t go back,Start school and continue to graduate school。”
These can be asked,They didn’t say anything when they met,Mostly they just nodded and smiled at each other,I said hello。
Test holiday after the exam,Zhang Siwei is not in a hurry to go home,But made an appointment with classmates for a short trip,Wait for the trip back,I saw Ye Boping again at school。
Long time,They slowly become mature,Zhang Siwei stepped forward,“Ye Boping,What have you been up to lately?Do you read books every day??”
Ye Boping gave a dry smile,“Ha ha,I work part-time outside,Help in a seller’s shop,No money at home,I have to earn my living expenses。”
“is it?Then you are pretty good,Are starting to make money,We are still playing stupid。”Zhang Siwei smiled and said。
“I can’t help it。”Ye Boping lowered his head again。
“I also want to learn,Or take me with you,I will exercise with you。”Zhang Siwei said excitedly。
Ye Boping was a little surprised,This is not like a person who is short of money,It should be just a joke,So said,“Very tired,I have been there for a long time,I can’t sell a single appliance,You still don’t go。”
“It’s ok,Maybe you can’t sell,I can sell it,I wanna go,Just do me a favor。”Zhang Siwei still looks excited,Look at Ye Boping seriously。
“It’s not that i don’t want to help you,I can’t sell the product myself,I can’t introduce you to the boss,Never heard of lack of people。”Ye Boping is embarrassed and embarrassed。
“Nothing,Then I will follow you to take a look,You sell your,I’m playing beside,I have the right to intern in advance,I want to see how you do part-time sales。”Zhang Siwei followed Ye Boping to the home appliance market。
A hundred reluctances in Ye Boping’s heart,But it’s not easy to refuse,I had to be with her sly。