Operation method,Leap from the fire in the palm,Hold the handle,The flame extends,Burning Skeleton。
Not long,Skeletons turned into ashes,Showing half of the blade。
Not burned like other knives,The blade is completely black。
But still can’t pull it out。
Leave the fire and continue to burn,The tree is burning,Do your best,The blade finally broke away from the tree,I didn’t have time to see the full black blade,Recycle the flame first。
Fortunately, the speed is fast enough,The tree was not burned too badly。He doesn’t want to burn the tree down,How can I go back then??
Pure black knife,There is no sign of redness from the fire,Touch it,It’s still cold。Slightly longer than the scimitar,Narrow blade,The arc is smaller than the scimitar,The weight is five or six times that of a scimitar。He is powerful,The scimitar is too light,This pure black long knife is especially handy。
“Good knife!”Gan Yifan is excited,Run the exercise again,Stabbed out,Throw away from the fire along the blade,Stretch out one foot to grow,Plus the length of the black blade,More than one meter。
The air seems to be ignited,Crackling,Retract the flame,Then it calms down。Look at the black blade again,Still intact,Tentacle cold。
I like it the more I look,He is smiling like a child this time。
“It should be equipped with a scabbard!”He couldn’t help thinking,Start looking everywhere,Two stone houses,In the pavilion,I’ve found all the horns,Unfortunately not。
Look towards the pool,“Will it be in the pool?”
This idea arises,Can’t hold it down anymore。
Put down the backpack,Take off clothes,The Pearl of One Hand,A newly acquired black blade,The headlights are also on,Launch。